The Pirate’s of the Caribbean Celebrates 50 years!

Can you believe that the attraction that takes you through the adventures of pirates is celebrating 50 years? Me neither! Pirates of the Caribbean has been a one of my favorite attractions for as long as I can remember. Now one neat trivia about this ride is that it was the last attraction overseen by Walt Disney himself. Walt, unfortunately, would pass away 3 months shy of it’s opening, March 18th 1967.

A couple of my favorite scenes from the ride are the auction for brides and everyone wants the Red Head, the chase scene where the lady is chasing a pirate whose stealing items, and the pirate that’s rolling in the mud with the pigs. Such small scenes that stand out in my memory for how funny or silly they may be.

I also love how Disney was also able to create a movie franchise from this beloved ride which then influenced change with the addition of some of the storyline from the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Some of my favorite additions were the Jack Sparrow animatronics throughout the ride. There are a total of 3 of them and each one is in an interesting location. I love the last scene you see Jack in because it really showcases the cockiness of the character.

Now there is one animatronic that my family and I have come to love that has been in the ride for a while. After you pass the last turn through the villages there is a stable that houses a Donkey and he sings with some musicians. Now the donkey isn’t always out so now my family and I have started a tradition of taking bets on if he’s out and singing or not. Little things like this are always fun and create great memories for us to look back on.  Pirates is one of the first rides each of my kids rode and is always on the list of must rides for my family each visit to the park.

Now Disney has some fun things planned to celebrate this wonderful milestone. Here’s what the official Disneyland blog had to say about what festivities would be in store for this momentous occasion:

Beginning Thursday, March 16, guests can feast upon special pirate-themed grub at French Market RestaurantMint Julep BarHarbour GalleyRoyal Street VerandahCafe Orleans and the one-of-a-kind Blue Bayou Restaurant.

Then the party really sets sail Friday, March 17, and on the attraction’s official anniversary, March 18. Guests will find pirate-themed entertainment throughout New Orleans Square by the likes of Bootstrappers and Lucky the Pirate. They can also plunder limited-edition anniversary merchandise, available in New Orleans Square while supplies last. And ye landlubbers who wish ter talk like a pirate – aye, ye’ll getcher chance … with pirate speak collectible cards. And stay sharp, because there will be even more to discover!

So if you are visiting the parks this weekend make sure to head down to New Orleans Square and party on with those Pirates!

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