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Too Tempting: The Lewis Cousins, Book One Review

Too Tempting: The Lewis Cousins, Book One

Written by: Bethany Lopez
Published by: Self Published
Published on: January 9, 2017
Price: Kindle $2.99 Paperback $14.99

Synopsis: Too Tempting is about retired NFL player Gabe Lewis finding love with quirky, nerdy author Zoey Zahn.

Zoey and Gabe’s relationship starts off with a zing and just builds from there. While their relationship grows in such a short time they get hit with some shocking news that sets them down an unknown future. Not knowing if they can overcome, each must work through this setback in their own way & together to see if they can make it.

The point of view in this book goes back and forth between each of the two characters, showing off each other personalities as well as their mindset. I liked how both characters felt the attraction to each other immediately and went from strangers to more fast, sweeping each other off their feet.

Zoey is a nerdy famous author who is sent to be a chaperon for her nephew at his summer camp. She tries to hide who she is in the beginning to prevent anyone from making a big deal. She just wants to be there for her nephew. I really like Zoey, she’s a bit dorky and her passion for her family and work shows in her character.

Gabe is a strong character and I love how Zoey automatically likens him to Superman right off the bat. It was really cute. When Gabe realizes that Zoey has no clue who he is he could be himself with her and not worry about what is she really trying to get from him.

The pace of the story was decent. Some points felt like it was kind of rushed. I probably would have liked a little more time at the camp and at the Labor Day party as well. The connection between Gabe and his cousins was great and we got a few details on each one. I am interested in the second book of the series, Reardon and Chloe’s story. You did get a sneak of it in this story and it made you wonder what the history was there.

It was a cute and simple read, with potential for more with the next books in the series. I will be keeping an eye on this series for sure!

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