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Trickery: Curse of the Gods, Book 1 Review

Trickery: Curse of the Gods, Book 1

Written by: Jane Washington and Jaymin Eve
Published by: Self Published
Published on: February 28, 2017
Price: Kindle $2.99 Paperback $13.83

I’ve noticed I have a little obsession with Reverse Harem (RH) books. It’s just a teeny tiny obsession, I promise. RH stories have really started to grow and I just love that. I love the relationships that are built in these stories not just with the main character and her main man but her multiple men. Each guy has different personalities, of course, but to see how each one works in the relationship is really fun. Because of all this, I really tend to go through these types of books fast and Trickery was one that I just burned right through.

I was familiar with Jane Washington’s work since I have read her Seraph Black series but this is a first for me reading Jaymin Eve, I was not disappointed!  This was just one addicting story and the characters really brought it to life for me. I will admit though that the first chapter or two were a bit slow since it was setting up the world they live in but after that it was non-stop. By the time I finished the book I didn’t want to go, but I will be back when the remaining books are released!

Willa is a Dweller, non-magical being, who has been chosen to serve the Sols, magical blessed with potential to become gods, at Blesswood. Now that’s fine and dandy and Emmy, Willa’s best friend deserves her place there but due to a miscalculation, Willa is sent as well to serve. While at Blesswood Willa catches the eyes of the Abcurse Brothers and everything tumbles from there.

Now the Abcurse brothers are the cocky Sols who now are a part of her life and could eventually be the cause of her death, that is if her clumsiness doesn’t get her first. There are the twins Coen (Pain) and Rome (Strength) & the triplets Aros (Seduction), Yael (Persuasion) and Siret (Trickery). All five are slightly feared and do what they like at the school since they are the most powerful Sols. Each one’s personality pops out at points in the book and I feel like they’re evenly shown. With each ones interaction with Willa they tend to give her a pet name like Rocks, Soldier and Willa-toy.

I really love Willa, like totally love her. She’s a totally klutz and seems to be cursed with this clumsiness, she’s also not one to follow the rules and it’s funny when she goes against the mold. There are moments where she shows how much of a Dweller she is with her limited knowledge of what’s around her, for example when she is heading to where Blesswood is and they have to take a barge to get there and she totally freaks out! I love how this shows a more vulnerable side to her. She just seems to be a character I can relate to(I am totally accident prone!).

I really can’t wait to see where this story goes, it has big potential. I found my copy on my Kindle app, and it was also a part of the Kindle Unlimited, so if you have that subscription you should totally pick it and read it NOW!


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