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Addicted Review


Written by: Claire Adams
Published by: Self Published
Published on: March 14, 2017
Price: Kindle $.99 

 Addicted tells the story of musician Nate Stone getting away from life, getting away from a band that really wasn’t his anymore, getting away from a toxic ex-wife and realizing he has an addiction. He heads to the Lanai, one of the Hawaiian Islands, to get away and not be disturbed. He meets Abbey, who works at the hotel he is staying at, and at first doesn’t really notice her. Abbey is a big fan of his but decides to not make a big deal and lets him keep his anonymity, she knows how important that is by experience. She tries to get him out of his room in the beginning when she notices that he rarely leaves his suite, but he just want to be left alone.

His addiction still has a hold over him, realizing this he tries to go to the Luau that Abbey mentions to him. He only makes it a few hours before he feels the need to shoot up. Abbey catches him shooting up one is saddened by this. She confronts him and from there he somehow manages to convince her boss that he needs her to be his guide around the island. They realize they have a connection and end up spending the rest of the time getting to know each other, helping him kick his addiction and of course run into some snags that they need to work out.  With all of this, at the end of his vacation, can he leave her to return to LA and his career?

I loved Nate and Abbey. They were cute together, each with their own demons that they tried to hide but eventually opening to each other. Abbey was haunted by her past and let that rule her in certain points. Abbey’s love of life on the island and how she tried to show Nate all the hidden gems of the island really came through.

They both had great chemistry and I loved the joking between them. They fit like to puzzle pieces. Because of her past she has this appreciation for life and the little things, so she was up with the sunrise with a smile on her face.

How could you live life to the fullest laying on your back?

Nate didn’t want to give up his demons at first. He was addicted to heroin and couldn’t go a couple of hours until the need hit him. They both ended up being each other’s saving grace. I love how you saw her opening up to Nate and slowly but surely fell in love with him.

I really enjoyed this book, the characters were great, the story was good, and the ending fitted the story very nicely. I do think some parts dragged on a bit but nothing that really hurt the story. I loved the description of the locations they visited as well.

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