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5 Things I Like About the Justice League Trailer

Despite how I feel about the DC Cinematic Universe up until now I was excited about the trailer release for the upcoming Justice League film that debuted on March 25th. Be it what it be, I am a hardcore comic book fan at heart and I am always excited to see some of my favorite characters get full length film adaptations. And even though I may be setting myself up for some more disappointment when I finally see the film when it’s released this November, for the time being I am really thrilled after having watched the trailer recently. As such, I have seen the trailer multiple times, each time taking away something new from the trailer with each viewing. So, that’s why I want to share with you my five favorite things from the first full Justice League trailer.

Bonus Mention: Am I the only one happy that no mention of Superman was made? Yes, we saw a glimpse of Lois Lane in the trailer, but thankfully there was no scene showing Superman in the trailer. I’m sure he’ll make some kind of appearance in the film near its climax, but I am glad that he wasn’t even hinted at in the trailer.

5. The “Come Together” Cover is a Win

A great choice for this trailer as it gets the meaning and theme of the trailer across, this cover of The Beatle’s hit song “Come Together” blares over the trailer as the story and action pop out at the audience. In case you were wondering what the trailer was about this song playing throughout was a clear indication of what it was.

4. Jason Momoa as Aquaman Looks Like a Total Badass

For someone as powerful as Arthur Curry/Aquaman is in the comic books, he always looked like a joke to me. Not even in his newer incarnations is the New 52 or DC Rebirth did he ever come across to me as anything more than plain. But the look that Jason Momoa brings to the character makes Aquaman seem every bit the equal of Wonder Woman and Superman.

3. The Humor is a Nice Touch

Listening to some of the humorous quips in the trailer and watching how the characters interact with each other makes the team feel pretty natural. Who knows what will happen in the final release of the film, but the jokes between characters here is amazing. My favorite is when Wally West/Flash ask Bruce Wayne/Batman “What are your superpowers again?” and he simply responds with “I’m rich.”

2. The Special Effects for the Flash Look Amazing

From the first teaser trailer for Justice League I was amazed at the way that they had shown the Flash’s powers to work. The way the electricity crackled around him – it looked really amazing and I was hoping that was how it would ultimately look like in the film. This full trailer shows Flash using his powers a bit more and the way that the electricity crackles, time is shown to slow for the viewer and others, and his movements are a blurred motion; yeah, I’m digging this look.

1. It Looks Like Batman and Wonder Woman Share Leadership

This may not be the case in the film’s final version, but to me it looks as though Batman and Wonder Woman are sharing the responsibilities of leading the team. From the conversations that they have with each other to what is shown in the trailer of them working with the team – it looks like there is a shared leadership role in the League and I believe that when this is incorporated it makes for a better Justice League in the comics: and I hope that translates to the film version as well.

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