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The Beginning of Always (Aquanis Series, Book 1) Review

The Beginning of Always

Written by: Marie Cole
Published by:  Self Published
Published on: January 6, 2015
Price: Kindle $2.99   Paperback $9.99

Synopsis: For the mortal daughter of Cupid, Claire, this spells trouble; for her father’s wife is eternally jealous and will stop at nothing to make sure that Claire’s last breath comes sooner rather than later. Claire will soon discover that only one thing can save her, the one thing she helps others find, but has found to be elusive for herself – love.

This book pulled me in with the mention of gods. I am a big Percy Jackson fan so I kind of was hoping this would be a something similar or along those lines when I read the synopsis. In a way, it was but there the story itself was good but I felt that this story was missing a few things. For example, I would have loved a better understanding of their world and school. With a couple of the characters you were told who their parents were but other than that there really wasn’t much background given. Like was everyone at the school a child of a god? What was the purpose of the school? These questions were in the back of my mind.

Claire, who is Cupid’s mortal daughter, is a smart, sweet girl, who’s gift is matchmaking. Everyone know that’s what’s she’s good at. Neil is the son of Nuada, he’s always had an eye on Claire and realized that he liked her, but he’s a player and doesn’t know how to do relationships. In the story, Claire goes through a lot to find the love that she wants for herself. She becomes resigned in the fact that maybe she’s only able to find love for others and not for herself. Yet she still tries and comes to find out that bad things tend to happen when she tries to take a relationship farther. The only one who’s not affected by it is Neil, but he’s such a womanizer that Claire knows that they would never work out.

I really feel that if there had been more background information given for this story it would have been amazing. As it is now the book is good and would have been a good contemporary romance without the addition of the gods as parents.

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