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Groupie (Rock-Hard Beautiful Book 1) Review

Groupie (Rock Hard Beautiful, Book 1)

Written by: C.M. Stunich
Published by:  Sarian Royal
Published on: March 21, 2017
Price: Kindle $3.99   Paperback $12.99

Synopsis: Five rockstars. One girl. Six dark hearts, six withered souls.
But can one broken person really put another back together again?
And is a cross-country tour the place to do it?

Groupie is a RH (reverse rarem) story involving Lilith, a girl who has just about lost everything and everyone in her life and the members of the band Beauty in Lies Ransom, Copeland, Paxton, Muse and Michael. This story was just such an amazing read, I seriously could not put it down. It had great storytelling, the characters were drool worthy and holy crap those “smexy” scenes were hot.

I love romance books a lot, they have become my happy place and I just love the stories I can get into. Now, there are usually 2 types of romance books: some with little story and all sex scenes and those with all story and very little to no sex scenes. I must say that Groupie had just the perfect story to sex scene ratio. I usually find myself skimming through those scenes because they all seem the same but not with Groupie, because even though they were sex scenes you got so much depth from each character in each one, finding their personalities shining through.

Lilith relationships with all the guys was just amazing to watch progress. Copeland the kind boy who, by the way, loves all types of romance books. Drool! Paxton is a cocky ass. Ransom is quiet but carries some demons that haunt him in his sleep. Muse is the practical, thinking ahead type. Michael is a total ass to her from the start and fights his attraction to her since he has a Girlfriend. Each has pain in their past that calls them all together.

I just really can’t get enough of this book. I’m seriously gushing about it. It was such an addicting read and at some points I didn’t know how things would play out, especially at the end. I was so drawn into their world, that at one point I wanted to punch a certain character for being such a bitch!

I will be following this series and waiting for the second book Roadie to come out on May 8th. And if C.M. Stunich ever has Beauty in Lies band shirts made I am definitely grabbing one of those suckers.

We’re all broken pieces, shattered by loss and grief and hurt, but put us together… and you get one perfect whole. – Lilith Tempest Goode


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