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New Gravity Rush 2 Kat and Raven Figma Action Figures

One of my favorite video games this year was Gravity Rush 2, the PlayStation 4 sequel to a popular 2012 PS Vita Gravity Rush. As the player takes control of both Kat and Raven who use their gravity powers to free the citizens of Hekseville and other cities affected by the plight of the game. And anyone who has played the game can tell you that both main characters of Gravity Rush 2 are some of the best and cutest video game heroines this year.

As such, I am really thankful that the crafters over at Max Factory are releasing a set of figma action figures featuring the likenesses of Kat and Raven in these new 5 inch collectibles for fans to own. With multiple points of articulation and poseable in various ways thanks to bending base and swivel (so fans can position the pair of heroines in ways familiar to the game), these figures will make a fine addition to any collection. Both figures will also be paired with the faithful companions: Kat with her companion cat Dusty and Raven with her companion raven Coucy.

Kat’s figma action figure will be available in August with an MSRP of $79 while Raven’s figma action figure will be available in October with an MSRP of $75; pre-orders on both are already available from online retailers worldwide.

And this is one of those times where I wish we had a bigger budget here at geekXpop so I could afford these figures to adorn my office here.

Kat Figma Action Figure with Dusty

Raven Figma Action Figure with Coucy

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