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Re:Zero Rem Wedding Lingerie Collectible Figure

Ask anyone who knows me and they could tell you that I am a huge fan of the anime series Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World. There was something incredible about the series that I enjoyed from beginning to end. Part of the main reason why I loved the series was because of the great characters introduced in the series. The main protagonist Subaru Natsuki who has the power of “Return by Death” – a power that is both a benefit and a curse. The main female protagonist Emilia, a half-elf candidate in line to be the next ruler of Lugunica. Puck, Emilia’s familiar and a spirit in the form of a cat that hides a darker secret than anyone could guess. Ram, one half of the demon maid twins with pink hair that serve at Roswaal’s mansion.

And then you have my favorite character of the series, the other half of the twin demon maids with blue hair, Rem, who also happens to fall in love with Subaru and become one of his most loyal followers for the rest of the series. Because of her portrayal and overall cuteness, she easily became my favorite character of the series, leading me to purchase several collectibles featuring her likeness. And I think I just found the next collectible to add to my collection – even if I have to wait until September to own her.

Produced by the crafters over at Phat Company and standing at 1/7 scale (8.7 inches tall), this new collectible figure features Rem in a sexy, skimpy wedding lingerie attire and carrying a bouquet of flowers. This is definitely one of the sexier figures I have seen featuring the beautiful blue-haired demon and one that I want to add to my collection. On pre-sale now from online retailers everywhere, this new collectible could be yours for around $140 – depending on which retailer you choose to pre-order from. Now I just have to explain to my wife why I’ll be eating ramen noodles for lunch for a week…

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