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Immortal Conquest: Europe Officially Launched

Mobile games publisher Funcell123 has announced recently that its terrain-based strategy war game, Immortal Conquest: Europe, has officially launched in all European countries. The game is available for both iOS and Android devices through the Apple App Store and Google Play, and has been localized to support English, German, French, and Russian languages.

Players who pre-registered for Immortal Conquest: Europe through the game’s official website at will receive a special reward consisting of Gems, Immortal Conquest: Europe’s in-game currency, within two weeks of the game’s launch.

About Immortal Conquest: Europe

Immortal Conquest: Europe is a deep and complex game that will appeal to strategy-genre enthusiasts. Set in a mythological fantasy world, the player must master military strategy and intelligently allocate resources to succeed.

The game also integrates the additional element of drawing upon “Gairo” (heroes) from Northern European, Celtic, Egyptian, Olympus, and Titan lore that can be deployed in limitless combinations. Acquiring and developing Gairo is essential to successfully lead troops and defeat enemies, a unique feature that differentiates Immortal Conquest: Europe from other strategy games.

Immortal Conquest: Europe expands on the traditional strategy gameplay experience as players must build and upgrade their empire on a huge, shared two-million-parcel game map. Players need to acquire adjacent lands and resources to expand their territory. Learning to communicate and ally with neighbors is an essential skill to gain access to the limited supplies of high-quality resources in the game.

For more information about Immortal Conquest: Europe, please visit the official website at

Go to the Immortal Conquest: Europe Facebook page for current updates about the game.

Key Game Features

  • Expansive Territory: Battle to dominate a land consisting of over
    2 million parcels.
  • Choose Your Heroes: Select from over 300 available Gairo including Zeus, Ra, and Thor!
  • Upgrade Immortals: Develop and combine hundreds of different skills to limitlessly expand your Gairo’s strategy options.
  • Forge Alliances: Ally with other players to fight for resources, defend and expand territory.
  • World Domination: Balancing battle tactics and diplomacy are the keys to achieving ambitions and conquering the world!


About Funcell123

Founded in 2013, Funcell123 is a rapidly growing mobile games operator and publisher with expertise in games development and marketing. Not merely satisfied with its huge success in Asia, the company is committed to continually introducing high quality mobile games into the global market. The company’s debut game, Age of Warriors, is an international hit and has been featured numerous times on the Apple App Store.

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