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Anaconda Review


Written by: Lauren Landish
Published by:  Self Published
Published on: March 25, 2017
Price: Kindle $.99   Paperback $10.75

Oh Anaconda, I so enjoyed this book. Gavin “Anaconda” Adams, a football star and internet sensation has decided to add actor to his resume. While filming in a little town, he meets Brianna, a hotel housekeeper who accidentally walks into his room and meet the “Anaconda”. She freaks out and runs, but not before leaving and impression on Gavin to the point that he can’t stop thinking about her and just can’t seem to let her go. But can they make whatever it is they have going on work if they come from two different worlds? Only time and the heart will tell.

This story as a great read with complex characters and a good storyline. The chemistry between the two was sizzling hot and it had you rooting for them to make it. I loved Brianna’s best friend Mindy, she was one of those there till the end type of friends who would do anything to help protect the ones they love. I loved her crazy because it fit so well with Brianna. She pushed her when she needed it and listened when words weren’t needed just like a true friend does.

Now one character I really disliked, which of course you’re not supposed to like him, was Mr. Vandenburgh. He was such an ass! There really wasn’t any reason for him to hate Brianna so much and he was just plan mean. He had it out for Brianna every day. He seemed like one of those bosses that take all the credit even though they just sit on their butt all day types. I’m sure everyone knows or has had a run in with someone similar, I think that was why his character was so real to me.

Gavin and Brianna were such a cute couple and I really enjoyed their story and what they had to go through to get there. The secondary characters gave the story layers and such a believable feel. This is a must read. Anaconda will definitely strike your fancy!

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