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Of Death and Darkness Review

Of Death and Darkness

Written by: Brandy Slaven
Published by:  Self Published
Published on: March 22, 2017
Price: Kindle $2.99  

Synopsis: Mel spends the first twenty-four years of her life as a friendless loner with no family. All she is trying to do is find her place to exist. What she is expecting is definitely not what she gets. Will she be able to handle the destiny that the fates have chosen for her?- Amazon

 If I hadn’t been searching, I probably never would have seen them. -Mel

Of Death and Darkness is a Supernatural RH Romance from new author Brandy Slaven. Mel is alone in the world and she’s used to it being that way. She keeps herself busy to keep the static in her head at bay and for the most part it works. While living like this she runs into a group of guys that seem to have taken an interest in her and she realizes they keep the static away. After meeting these guys her life goes through drastic changes and suddenly she goes from being alone to never being alone ever again. They are vampires and she is their Lady and together they create a coven.

This story gives you a new take on Vampires and how they live. I really enjoyed this new world. It was interesting to see that even though all the guys were connected to her and created her coven, she actually had specific mates. It was a very interesting take on it, yes, the guys in the coven care for her and would do anything for her but the ones who she is connected to (Liam, Killian, Ryker and Phoenix) are her mates and if she dies they die with her.

This story had a lot of background information and action and I really enjoyed it. I will say though that the beginning of the story seemed a little stiff but once you get into the heart of the story it really flows well. I am really excited to see if there is a sequel to this book, the story ends but leaves an opening for more and I really want to see how it would progress. Other than a few editing here and there this was a great start for this first time author and I hope there are many stories to follow.

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