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Zero-Gravity Space Thriller Downward Spiral: Prologue Out Now for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Independent virtual reality studio, 3rd Eye Studios, recently announced that its epic zero gravity thriller Downward Spiral: Prologue is now available on the Oculus store for Oculus Rift and Steam for HTC Vive. Inspired by cult 1970’s science-fiction and devoid from the motion sickness that has plagued other zero-G virtual reality games, Downward Spiral: Prologue is the prologue to the ambitious saga Downward Spiral.

“Structured as a modern TV series, Downward Spiral: Prologue is the beginning of a space thriller, whose mystery will unravel over time as we release future episodes,” said Kari Koivistoinen, CEO of 3rd Eye Studios. “Built from the ground-up by our team of award-winning industry veterans, Downward Spiral: Prologue offers a space Zero-G experience like no other by allowing players to move freely in a VR environment without motion sickness.”

A prologue for the Downward Spiral anthology series, Downward Spiral: Prologue begins as the players find themselves in a capsule that has docked with a space station. On first exploration, the station appears empty and the players must use control panels to progress and begin unravelling a mystery that will span the Downward Spiral anthology. In Downward Spiral: Prologue’s Journey mode, play through the story solo or in Co-op mode with a friend or stranger. Deathmatch, meanwhile, allows up to eight players to experience exhilarating zero gravity gunplay in environments familiar to the story.

Future content, will allow players will uncover an epic compelling narrative, with new characters, plot points and settings added with each subsequent episode. Featuring a soundtrack by lead singer and composer of gothic rock band HIM, Ville Valo, Downward Spiral: Prologue launches on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive priced at for €9.99, $9.99, £6.99.

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About 3rd Eye Studios

Located in Helsinki, Finland, 3rd Eye Studios was founded in June 2016 by a group of game industry veterans, who previously worked in senior positions at Remedy Entertainment, Unity Technologies, Bugbear Entertainment, RedLynx and Moon Studios. The team develops innovative VR games and groundbreaking VR technology built specifically for developers. The company launched its first VR game Downward Spiral – The Prologue at the end of March 2017, with further episodes following later this year. The VR technology will be launched in 2018.

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