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Power Rangers Theme – Mighty Morphin Bagpipe Metal Cover by TheSnakeCharmer

Because, sometimes, you just have to share things with your friends…

Last week, on her YouTube channel, the bagpipe musician known as TheSnakeCharmer uploaded this awesome music video that sees her collaborating with Karan Katiyar of Bloodywood in which they cover the iconic theme to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – putting their own unique spin on the theme. I gotta admit that the inner geek in me started rocking out to this video.

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Credits for the music video:

Music Produced by Karan Katiyar
Edited by Karan Katiyar
Shot by Powell Kumar

One thing that we love here at geekXpop is seeing other geeks and fans putting their spin on favorites that the community all love as a whole. So, we ask that if you know of a cover that you think that we would enjoy, drop us a line at and we’ll try to feature it here.

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