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Quarterback Cuck Review

Quarterback Cuck

Written by: Colleen Masters
Published by:  Self Published
Published on: March 31, 2017
Price: Kindle $.99 / Kindle Unlimited

Synopsis: She may have gotten away once before, but I’ll never let her out of my sight again. I’m going back to my shithole hometown to reclaim what I lost, to take that sweet innocent redhead and finally do everything I wanted to do to her ten years ago. Losing is part of the game…but so is fighting to the death for what you want. –Amazon

Colt Jackson made it out of his hometown, he got out of there as fast as he could and made it big. He left behind a tragic past and the woman he loved. He left behind Riley Weston, his best friend’s twin sister. It seemed like they just couldn’t get a break in this story. Colt had to deal with so much growing up and that made him who he was and he just couldn’t seem to catch a break it seemed.

Colt was such a complex character and I really enjoyed learning more about him as the story went, I liked the flashback inside of the flashbacks that would happen, Kind of the inception of flashbacks! Anyways, you could see how much he cared for Riley and how he never thought she would still be living in their hometown.

Riley had also tragedy strike her and it made such an impact in her life leaving her with the responsibility to be the perfect daughter and be there for her parents. I really hate that she had to give up so much, and had to deal with so much shit as well. Her husband was a real piece of work and I really hated him. I mean you’re not supposed to like him anyways. He was that stereotypical man of the house and Riley was the little woman, meant to do his bidding and tack care of him. She never really loved him, he was just the best she thought she was going to get. I don’t normally like cheating in my story but since there was so much history and background given, I understood the reasoning, and it wasn’t really cheating since the idiot gave her permission to sleep with Colt.

This was an enjoyable read and of course had the perfect HEA (Happily Ever After) for our main characters. It wasn’t too sporty and focused on the characters and their history.

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