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Finding Honor (The Searchers Book 1) Review

Finding Honor (The Searchers Book 1)

Written by: Ripley Proserpina
Published by:  After Glows
Published on: December 6, 2016
Price: Kindle $3.99 Paperback $14.99

 Synopsis: Love finds her in her darkest hours… Nora Leslie’s twenty-year existence revolved around one thing—survival. A split-second decision under a hail of gunfire saves the lives of her students and alters her own forever. When she wakes in the hospital, Nora finds herself a suspect in the worst tragedy to ever strike her small college town. Thrust into the spotlight as the villain, instead of the hero, she is in desperate need of allies. A chance meeting introduces her to Ryan Valore, a young law student searching to outrun the guilt of his past. With the world turned against her, Nora accepts his aid, and the help of his roommates, a group of guys with pasts as dark as her own. For them, Nora is everything they never believed they deserved. – Amazon

Woo hoo! Another RH (reverse harem) in the house. When I can find them, I have to read, and this first book in the Searchers Series is such a great start. This series starts off with a bang, seriously. Nora is caught in a school shooting and things go up and down from there. Being accused of taking part in it since the shooter happened to be her foster brother and because of the aftermath she is treated like crap. My heart hurts so much for her in through this book. With all the crap she goes through there is some good that happens, she goes to live with Ryan Valore and his house-mates and creates relationships with each one.

I loved how she had time with every guy in the house and while a few instantly liked her some of the guys tried to fight getting close to her. Seok, who owns the house, is so mean to her from the start and you just can’t understand why he is giving off such and asshole attitude to her. It’s really frustrating and you kind of start off not liking him, but as the book goes on her starts to grow on you. Not much, but just enough to where you’re ok with there being something between Nora and him.

Apollo is the first to show his feeling to Nora and is a little possessive in a cute way, though he has secrets that he hasn’t shared yet with Nora. He is the muscle in the group and know how to throw his weight around. Nora is cute with him and she gets to realize how much she likes the physical contact, hugs and cuddling, stuff she never really had before because of her history in the foster system

Mattise is the tech sort, but a flirt. He is Cajun and speaks French and is oh so cute. You can tell right away that he starts to like Nora and though he gathered info on her before she moved in he really didn’t hold it against her. The incident when they went for a walk showed he could take care of her in his own way.

Nora spends a little time with Cai at his after school place that he runs for kids, it was amazing to see how Nora could connect with all the kids and how that connection helped some to open up. I wished that there had been more interaction between Cai and Nora but with everyone’s schedule it just didn’t work out that way.

And last is Ryan, the one who started everything. The spark, the connection. I really wish Ryan would have spoken up right away instead of stepping back when Apollo had said he was interested. He had already started that connection with Nora. He really cares for her from the start and is always looking out for her.

I loved the different personalities of each guy, so different yet they blend well together. One character who I just did not like but won me in the end was Detective Vance, such a dick in the beginning but then becomes a sort of friend in the end.  Now on to the character I couldn’t stand, Dr. Daniel Murray, I did not like him at ALL. He just was creepy and I really wish Nora had gone with her gut because I just feel like something is wrong with him and his “study” he has going. UGH!

This is surely going to be one of my keepers, I love the story and there was enough background that you could relate with things going on. I’m curious on where the story goes on to, now that Nora is a part of the study. Oh well, we shall see in the next installment, 1.5 Finding Nora.

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