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12 Inches: A Secret Baby Dark Romance Review

12 Inches: A Secret Baby Dark Romance

 Written by: Alexis Angel
Published by:  Naughty Angel Publishing
Published on: March 31, 2017
Price: Kindle $.99 / Kindle Unlimited

 This book was so yummy and hot I had to make sure I kept a glass of water next to me. Abbey Cleveland is a writer who is in a rut. She’s been writing but her books haven’t been the success they used to be. She also finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with another author, so she needs a change from everything. Aidan Stone is a cover model who seems to be blacklisted by photographers and writer because of a scandal, he needs help getting back on the top. And that’s how Abbey and Aidan get involved with each other.

This story was such a hot read, I mean you can totally tell by the name. I couldn’t put it down and one of my favorite parts were when Abbey and Aidan went to do the photos for the cover with Mistress Strokes.  Those scenes left you hot and I loved the focus on Abbey. If you enjoy some FFM action, this is perfect for you.

While it had it’s hot and dirty, there was also a story there and I really enjoyed it. Abbey and Aidan worked really well together and were super cute towards the end.  Aidan was the big playboy who would never fall and in the end, he does fall, really hard. Abbey was interesting, I liked reading about an author because you really don’t get many stories like that.

Now Abbey’s Ex was a piece of work who got what he deserved and I really think needed a good ass kicking really in the end. The way he acted with Abbey and then with Aidan was some shady shit. I really disliked him so much.

I would totally give this a book a 12 (heh get it?) for being so smoking hot. If you are looking for a good mix of smut and story, this book is worth it.

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