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Finding Nora (The Searchers 1.5) Review

Finding Nora (The Searchers)

 Written by: Ripley Proserpina
Published by:  After Glows
Published on: February 28, 2017
Price: Kindle $2.99

Synopsis: Cleared by the police of any wrongdoing in a school shooting, Nora’s finally looking to her future with hope. She and her five guys are ready to move on with their lives, and take their unconventional relationship to the next level. But not everyone is ready to accept her innocence. Viewed as a monster by the people in her small town, and put in a frightening position by the people claiming to help her, Nora has to make a choice between what she wants, and what she believes is best for the men she loves. Will her budding relationship be strong enough to survive these new challenges, or will it all be too much, and she’ll be alone again?

Note: This story was previously published in the Falling For Them anthology.Amazon

The story continues! In this story, we see more interaction between Nora and her guys. We also get to see more Dr. Murray and his Study. What are they truly up to in that study?

First off, I really, really dislike Mr. Murray and his colleagues. They are really shady and you just know there is something more going on about their study that they don’t want to share. The drive in the car was really crappy, what they did and how they acted just really set me on edge right from the start. They wanted to get a reaction out of her, which I understand but the way they did it was not cool, so they are on my shit list.

Now the guys, I loved their attention they gave to Nora and how they doted on her. They were really cute how they sand happy birthday to her on her birthday and how Matisse made sure he was there, running through the front door yelling for them not to sing yet. Also I you could see how much Apollo and Ryan wished they could spend time with her but they both had finals.  You can just tell how much they love and care for her and want to give her everything they can.

Last thing about the study, I did not like that last interview. Dr. Murray demanding her presence on her birthday and the fact that she had to spend almost all day in that interview was really shitty. I also did not like the visiting colleague Dr. Totten. He just had a evil feel to him. He tried to be nice and then in the end the questions he asked were really mean. I probably would have punched him, that’s how much I didn’t like him. Also I was upset over Tyler talking about Nora and her relationship with the guys to Dr.Murray. It’s none of his business what goes on with them and he really shouldn’t be talking about them.

This book just gave me more questions about the study and what they are really about. While I loved the interactions with the guys, all the Study interactions really ruffled my feathers. Now I just really want to know where this is all going to go and how will Nora and the Guys make it through this new hurdle that will probably be thrown at them in the near future.

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