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Finding Valor (The Searchers Book 2) Review

Finding Valor (The Searchers Book 2)

Written by: Ripley Proserpina
Published by:  After Glows
Published on: March 7, 2017
Price: Kindle $3.99 /Paperback $14.99

Nora and her guys are back again, this time we get a close look at Ryan’s past and how it has shaped his present and future. We see the struggle that come with the type of relationship they have. We also see Nora still struggling with the aftermath of the school shooting as well.

This book gave you more of an insight into Ryan’s past and how all of that shaped him to be the man he is today. He really was a spoiled ass when he went into college and was a part of his frat. But it also showed how he first me Seok and how through a lot of work became friends. I liked the view into his background because you saw how that mistake he made affected him and created so much pain in his life. Nora also had a chance to meet Beau and understood more about Ryan’s past. There is a friendship between the two since they both know how it feels to get certain reactions when they mention their names.

While this book is centered more around Ryan we also got more of a glimpse of how each of the guys are dealing with their new relationship and the fact they are sharing one girl. They all know they can’t live without her and they do get a bit jealous of each other’s own relationship with Nora. I like this because it shows how human they are. Yes, they love her but they can also feel jealousy, it makes it more believable. Nora also realizes that she needs to listen more with the guys and have those important conversations. She needs to open up more but also listen to their worries and dreams as well.

I really liked how she didn’t have much to do with Dr. Murray and the Study in this book. I was less frustrated with it. Though while I like to be less frustrated I still have all those questions about all of the study stuck in my mind. Also, Tyler has made my shit list after this book. I was trying to give him another chance after the last story but this one sealed it. I know it probably isn’t totally his fault what happened in this book and has to do with him being in the study but still there was no reason for what happened.

In all this was a great addition to the series and I am really dying for more to come. Hopefully I won’t have to wait to long to get my answers about Dr. Murray and his stupid study. Until them, I just impatiently wait.

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