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It Had To Be You (Crystal Valley Series Book 2) Review

It Had To Be You (Crystal Valley Series Book 2)

 Written by: Melissa Kate
Published by:  Fire Quill Publishing
Published on: April 25, 2017
Price: Kindle $2.99

 Synopsis: Emma Wyatt has had enough of her ex best friend and his lady killer ways. Gone was the sweet boy of her youth and in rides the womaniser. But this time he has ready gone and done it!
Oliver didn’t expect to be coupled with Emma. She was in an awkward situation and he couldn’t help the words that came out. She should be grateful, he saved her.
Now the whole town knows. And Emma is pissed! She’s going to kill him.
But a heated argument leads to a fiery moment of passion and suddenly the two are fighting an unlikely attraction that neither saw coming. But Oliver has a secret that could tear them apart…
– Amazon

* Please note that I received this book for my honest review through NetGalley.

I must have liked this book since I did finish it in about 3 hours. This was a great contemporary romance, that had enough everyday issues along with some excitement here and there. Emma and Oliver had a history and they were going to come back together to close that circle if they wanted to or not.

Emma and Oliver seemed to fit each other and it was really funny to see them both kind of fight the chemistry between them. It’s really sad to think that Oliver kept his distance from Emma all because of something his father did, something he kept from her so that she wouldn’t be hurt by it. It really wasn’t his job to keep it from her but if he didn’t there really wouldn’t be much of a story right? They came together and you could tell that even though they fought their attraction everyone around them wouldn’t let them get away with parting.

I loved the family gathering they went to, also the story with her ex (he was a real dick) where she ended with a new friend. I loved the riding lawnmower scene. I laughed so hard my husband had to ask me what happened, that’s how much I liked it. I liked how everything that happened between them were everyday things, that for the most part were believable.

This book is one of those easy reads that had just enough life, excitement and sex. I can totally see this as a poolside book, one that no matter where you left off you would be ok and still excited to pick up once you could. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good contemporary romance.

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