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ZHEROS The Forgotten Land DLC Available for Xbox One, PC & PlayStation 4

Italian developer Rimlight Studios is proud to announce that ZHEROS, its whimsical 3D beat ‘em up is now available on PlayStation 4. Coinciding with the launch, Rimlight Studios has simultaneously released The Forgotten Land DLC on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam for PC. In ZHEROS, 3D cartoon graphics, ass-kicking battles and quirky characters mix together to create a fun, action-packed sci-fi action experience, where players join the ZHEROS squad and fight their way through twisted forces that threaten the universe.

“We are delighted to bring ZHEROS to PlayStation 4, it’s quirky humour and gameplay will resonate well with players,” said Fabio Ilacqua, Art Director and Co-Founder of Rimlight Studios. “The new Forgotten Land DLC also adds more gameplay as Dr. Vendetta returns to pursue world domination with a new set of evil minions.”

Players are invited to join Mike and Captain Dorian in single-player or co-op mode to beat the hell out of Dr. Vendetta and prevent his attempt to take over the galaxy, turning every living creature into mindless, wicked minions. When fist fighting fails to do the trick, a selection of hi-tech weapons and powerful mech armor comes in handy, boosting the ZHEROS squad’s chances of wiping the floor with Dr. Vendetta’s evil robot army.

In ZHEROS: The Forgotten Land DLC, the evil doctor once again returns with a revenge plan against the ZHEROS squad, determined to destroy them and rule the galaxy. Exploring the ancient world inspired by the mysteries of the far east, players chase Dr. Vendetta across wild lands and cities, fighting powerful and mystical creatures throughout 8 new levels. With a brand new playable character, vehicle and an expanded arsenal of moves, the ZHEROS squad is ready to defeat evil once and for all.

ZHEROS is now available on Xbox One, Steam and on PlayStation 4 for 9.99€, $9.99, 7.99£; ZHEROS: The Forgotten Land DLC is available on Xbox One, Steam and on PlayStation 4 for 4.99€, $4.99, 3.99£.

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About Rimlight Studios

Established in 2014 by industry experts and passionate gamers, Rimlight Studios specializes in designing and developing video games with high-end visuals and entertaining gameplay. Rimlight Studios combines both the technical and creative capabilities to create engaging games that appeal to a wide range of audiences, on all platforms. Based in Catania, in hot Sicily, the team consists of a multicultural talented group of developers, joined together by their shared passion for videogames and their desire to create fun and enjoyable experiences for players and videogames enthusiast around the world.


Developer: Rimlight Studios
Publisher: Rimlight Studios
Genre: 3D Beat ’em up
Platform: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One
Price: 9.99€, $9.99, 7.99£

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