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10 Marvel Female Characters I Would Like to See Get Their Own Film

Who else is excited that Brie Larson was cast as Carol Danvers in the upcoming Captain Marvel film and becoming part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? While many of us fans wish that it had been Scarlet Johansson getting her own Black Widow solo film, to see Brie Larson as Captain Marvel on the big screen is going to be one hell of a treat. Mark my words, that film is going to be fantastic. And hopefully it will prove all those Hollywood naysayers wrong that female superhero films don’t sell to audiences. Between this year’s Wonder Woman film starring Gal Gadot as part of the DC Cinematic Universe, and Larson’s Captain Marvel, I am hoping that the ticket sales for both films usher in a new era of superhero films, with strong, independent, and (though I hate to describe them as such) bankable female leads. Because truth be told, there are a lot of great female characters that deserve to have their own films.

In the first part of this three-part article, I look at ten of the most incredible Marvel comic book characters out there that deserve to have their own film to be featured in. One will come as no surprise to anyone since we all wish Black Widow would get her own film, but the others may just surprise you. Enjoy.

Black Widow

This is, admittedly, an easy one to start off with as fans have been clamoring for a solo Black Widow film since her first cinematic appearance in Iron Man 2. The calls intensified after her appearance in The Avengers yet still we are being deprived of a Black Widow film. But maybe if the films for Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel are a success we will finally see a Black Widow led film get put into production. It may be years after our initial requests for the film, but later is better than never. And hey, the story may already be in play as I know several fans who are dying to see an adaptation of the “Budapest” story alluded to between Black Widow and Hawkeye in The Avengers film, that way Hawkeye has something else to do in the MCU as well.

Elsa Bloodstone

With the MCU recently dabbling into the world of magic within the Marvel storyline, why not introduce a character who could add to that lore? Else Bloodstone is a monster hunter who has inherited the mantle from her father and has teamed up with a couple of “friendly” monsters to run her services. Given the nature of her character, as well as the story possibilities it presents, I think that a movie featuring the Elsa Bloodstone character would be a great, fun addition to the MCU. You could even have her come across Blade and have them hunt a few vampires together. That would be a great way to integrate the Blade character into the MCU proper now that Marvel/Disney has the film rights to the character once again.


There’s no denying that Gamora is a popular character within the MCU thanks to her appearances in two Guardians of the Galaxy films. But I just can’t shake the feeling that despite her strong characterization in both films she still comes across as some kind of love interest for Star-Lord. So why not put Gamora into her own solo film when she can show off some of the viciousness and violence that made her known as the “Most Dangerous Woman in the Galaxy.” Have her face off against some Marvel space baddies like the Badoon, the Ex Nihili, or even the Universal Church of Truth. Show off that she can handle herself in a fight and that she is more than just eye candy for Peter Quill.

Ms. Marvel

One of the newest characters to be introduced into the Marvel Universe in recent years is the newest iteration of the Ms. Marvel character, Kamala Khan. After getting her super powers from the Terrigen Mists that the Inhumans employ to bring about their latent abilities. After being exposed to the Mists, she found herself with polymorphic abilities and an increased healing factor and set out to fight crime and protect the people she loves. The Ms. Marvel character could be an interesting bridge between the proper MCU and the Marvel Television Universe as her having Inhuman powers would tie into storylines that have appeared in the series Agents of SHIELD. And she would bring some much-needed diversity to the MCU that we have only just started seeing in the films they produce.

Shanna the She-Devil

If Marvel wants to push the boundaries of their film series and go for that fantastical action adventure feel of films like Tarzan, Jurassic Park and Predator all mixed up into one film, they might want to take a risk on a film based on Shanna the She-Devil. As the wife of Ka-Zar, she helps protect the primitive hidden world known as The Savage Land from threats both within the Savage Land and from without. And while she is primarily known as Ka-Zar’s wife, she does have an incredible backstory of her own and can more than hold her own in a fight, enough to sustain being featured in her own film. Have her face off against a combination of the Savage Land Mutates teaming up with some agents of Hydra trying to find a new hidden base of operations and that could be your link to the MCU proper.


Everyone says that basing a movie off of the Incredible Hulk is a risky move because he is simply too powerful a character to feature in a solo film, but if you utilize the character of his cousin, Jennifer Walters, also known as the Savage She-Hulk, could be a more promising film prospect. The She-Hulk character has always been presented to readers as a more charismatic persona, but she also has a lot more to offer the MCU as she is a great blend of strength and intelligence that seems to play wonderfully on screen in most MCU films. Have her match brainpans with her cousin Bruce Banner or wits and strategy with Captain America and you have a nice foil for both on friendly terms. And since the character of Jennifer Walters is a lawyer and based in New York, you could have her film bring in Daredevil and that can link in the Netflix Marvel properties with the MCU proper.


Though she is a fairy new character in the Marvel Universe (introduced in 2014) Cindy Moon has a long connection with Peter Parker, aka the Amazing Spider-Man. After the radioactive spider bit Peter Parker at the science expo all those years ago, before the spider died from radiation poisoning it bit Cindy Moon giving a similar set of powers to that of Spider-Man. Because of her connection to Spider-Man, but having hidden her powers from the world for so long, she has a different look on the superhero world than other characters. If you bring that kind of point of view to a solo film featuring Silk and manage to tie it into the new Spider-Man: Homecoming film, mirroring the differences between Spider-Man and Silk, it would make for a great film dynamic between similar yet different characters.


Ever since Songbird was introduced as part of the Thunderbolts back in 1997 and changed the dynamic of her former character, the villainous Screaming Mimi, the character of Melissa Gold has been one of my favorites. Playing off the dichotomy of being a villain playing the role of a hero, but secretly yearning to be a hero at heart, that conflict within her has made for some interesting characterizing story arcs. And that could be your focal point for a solo Songbird film. Have her start off as a pawn in Helmut Zemo’s plot against the Avengers as seen in Captain America: Civil War but have a change of heart part way between the events of Civil War and the next set of MCU films, and you can introduce a character that the MCU heroes are trying to accept but also have a hard time trusting. But if you have her find a way to redeem herself in their eyes through the course of the film, you could have another major female player in the MCU.


I know this is another film that would be focused on a Spider-Man themed character, the differences between Jessica Drew and Cindy Moon, or even Peter Parker for that matter, could not have been more evident. After Jessica got her powers, she dove into the world and made a name for herself on her own terms. Despite feeling isolated from other heroes in the Marvel Universe, Spider-Woman became integral to superhero teams such as The Avengers and even made a name for herself as part of the spy agency SHIELD. She even played a major role in recent major events when she was revealed not only as a triple agent, playing both SHIELD and Hydra, she was a major force during the New Avengers storyline and even the focal point of the Secret Invasion storyline that changed the Marvel Universe. So, have her play the role of secret agent between SHIELD and Hydra, taking place during the transition time where there is no SHIELD and Hydra was exposed, and that can be your spy thriller film in the MCU, playing alongside the Captain America series of films.

Squirrel Girl

In the same vein that Ant-Man was a more comedic and light-hearted window into the MCU, Squirrel Girl could be the female equivalent. That’s not to say that she isn’t a great superhero in her own right, but when her stories are as humorous and engaging as have been presented in the comics, a little levity in a Squirrel Girl film could go a long way in endearing the character to the audience, especially a character whose powers and personality might otherwise be off-putting to the general moviegoer. With the right team behind the character and if presented the right way, you could have another courageous and whimsical character on hand to balance out some of the seriousness that the MCU films present.


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