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Precursor (Suoja Guild Book 1) Review

Precursor (Suoja Guild Book 1)

 Written by: AJ Anders
Published by:  Covey Publishing
Published on: May 9, 2017
Price: Kindle $2.99

Synopsis: In the war against demons, Evie’s father stands against all things supernatural, including the Surmata, a race of beings that want to coexist with humans while they wage their own war against the demonic race. Raised in the Resistance, Evie struggles to stay true to herself and not fall under her father’s brainwashing. With everyone around her a possible spy for her father, Evie’s sole relief from camp life comes from her best friend Maximilian. When he introduces her to his friends outside of the Resistance, Evie discovers a whole new world and possibly a place to belong. 

But forces inside the camp are determined to keep Evie in her place, even if it means destroying who she is. – Amazon

 I really loved this book. It had a great story line with the start of romance. This story was such a tease, it pulled you in to set you up for the next part in the series. It was a short read but contained so much detail you really got a feel for the world that is set up. Never at any time did I feel lost or that there was an overload of information. I will say though that I do have a lot of answers that are hopefully answered in the next book.

Evie is a great character, she’s strong, loyal and stays true to what she believes is right. She is put through a lot and even though she is beat down, she never gives in. She knows what her father does isn’t right but she can’t leave, at least not until she is 18.

When she first talks about Maxwell in the beginning I thought he was an older gentleman not a young soldier. When you finally meet him I loved his personality and I feel so sad for what he and his mate are going through with their soulmate. He is her best friend who tries to get her out and enjoy life a little bit since she’s stuck living that life.

I’m really curious to see how the rest of the story plays out since we are left with a lot of questions and a big WTF moment at the end. I want more background on the Shadewolf Kaveri and what kind of a role they will play in Evie’s life. Oh man, there’s so much I need to know!

This book really leaves you wanting more, in a good way of course. I am just dying for the next installment. Luckily the wait won’t be too long, Foreseen, the next book in the series, will be released May 23rd.

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