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Dallas Fire & Rescue: Slow Burn (Kindle Worlds Novella) Review

Dallas Fire & Rescue: Slow Burn (Kindle Worlds Novella)

Written by: Ripley Proserpina
Published by:  Kindle Worlds
Published on: May 9, 2017
Price: Kindle $1.99

Synopsis: If Daisy Zoffler has to choose between losing her best friend or pretending she isn’t madly in love with him, she’ll be the best damn actress who ever lived. Mase Ramirez, a firefighter with Dallas Fire and Rescue, has supported and encouraged Daisy her whole life. No matter what, she could count on him. But what if Mase’s feelings are deeper than friendship?

An out-of-control arsonist with an obsession for Daisy suddenly ups the ante, spurring Mase to step in. Despite her belief they’re only friends, Mase has been in love with Daisy for years and when she is threatened, he refuses to waste a minute more.
With their emotions finally laid bare, will Mase and Daisy survive the looming danger? Or will the flames consume their fragile relationship?- Amazon

 Daisy and Mase are best friends who both secretly want more but don’t want to ruin their relationship as best friends. Its’s such a realistic problem that you can really relate to it. Bring in to that a mystery of someone stalking Daisy and have suspense that keeps you reading. I felt like there was a good amount of mystery with romance. Daisy tries to be the best friend that she can without jeopardizing their relationship with wanting more. She’s always there for Mase and is his rock especially when things go wrong and his trainee is hurt.

With Mase almost being hurt and Daisy being the obsession for an arsonist, these factors bring the two to realize their feelings for each other. Realizing how stupid they were being and finally getting together was really cute. They care so much for each other and are brought together finally. The arsonist though is so obsessed with Daisy and becomes even more dangerous to the point that they need to keep Daisy protected, which means going to the last place she wants to be. Her parents are a whole different issue. They don’t agree with what’s she has done with her life, like being a nurse is a horrible thing.

This book came together really well had enough romance and mystery to keep me satisfied. The ending brought everything together and gave closer to all the problems that happened through the book. This is a great summer read, that is hot enough without leaving you feeling burnt out!

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