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Her Mates (Wolf Trials Book 1) Review

Her Mates (Wolf Trials Book 1)

Written by: Tamara White
Published by:  After Glows Publishing
Published on: May 16, 2017
Price: Kindle $3.99 / Paperback $7.99 / Kindle Unlimited

Synopsis: Dani has been hidden from the packs all her life for fear of being found and killed by the same person that murdered her mother but now it’s time to reclaim her title.

As the future Alpha Queen, she must compete in the trials with her mates to prove she’s worthy to rule her people. She must choose the mate who will be right to lead alongside her but little does she know, her choice will change her whole world. Join Dani in this new Reverse Harem novel as she learns about a world she had been kept from. She meets multiple mates and is faced with the impossible choice of choosing one to lead with her as part of the Alpha Pair.
How can she choose one, when she loves them all? –

Her Mates was an interesting story filled with lots of half-truths and truths. There was so much secrecy that you’re learning everything as Dani does and you feel her frustration because you’re feeling it too. I really enjoyed this first book in the series and finding out Dani has not only one but six mates. This was a wonderful start to a new reverse harem series.

Dani was an interesting character who you really see grow in this story. She goes from running away from wolves to moving to a town run by them. There really was a lot of background needed to explain the story and it was given at just the right times in the story. She had sass and attitude which helps her throughout the story especially dealing with her mates and all the new things she must learn for the Trials to become the Alpha Queen.

The boys are hilarious, you get a great range of personalities with them all. You can tell Dani has the biggest connection with Cam because of the history that their families share. Though she does share this connection strongly with Cam, she also pretty even with all the other guys. Each one is an Alpha and that tells you right there that they are meant to be together to do something epic. Dani has her hands full with these Alphas and I’m totally drooling over all of them.

I really loved this first part of the series, there was a lot to follow and there were some great parts where you just have to laugh while others you just couldn’t believe what you just read. I really can’t wait for book two in this series to see what happens next. Dani still has more trials to face till she can become The Alpha Queen and she’s not letting go of any of her mates. I really can’t say how much I loved this story.


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