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Missing Linc (The Aegeans Book 1) Review

Missing Linc (The Aegeans Book 1)

Written by: Ripley Proserpina
Published by:  After Glows Publishing
Published on: May 16, 2017
Price: Kindle $2.99

Synopsis: He emerged from the black waters to steal her heart. As a child, Edythe found out there were different types of monsters. Some were beautiful on the outside, but terrifying when the lights went out. Others appeared to be creatures of nightmares, but were loyal and honorable, ready to sacrifice their lives for those they loved. She learned the hard way which monster she preferred. 

Linc knew to stay away from humans. His kind, wary of being discovered, swam deep in the sea. Aegeans were legends, shifting shape from water to land. All his life, Linc followed the rules, laws set down to keep Aegeans alive. But then he saw Edythe. 

One glimpse and he knew she was his. He’d risk everything to protect her: madness, torture. 

Death. Fate may have brought Edythe and Linc together, but the world seems set on tearing them apart. – Amazon

Missing Linc was an interesting read. It wasn’t very long and had some back story to build. Edie and Linc’s relationship was an instant kind and while some people don’t like that, I actually don’t mind, as long as it works with the story and explains itself to some extent, which theirs was. I loved the connection between the two and it killed me to know that what he suffered she also felt as well. That also showed how much they were connected. I really don’t know how he made it all those years away from here and not have gone crazy with the loss.

I feel really bad for all the heartbreak that Edie goes through with her father and what kind of Monster he was and everything he could possibly do just seems so horrible. To have the man who you remembered as loving and caring turn into such a monster, having done what he did to Linc. It really breaks my heart. I also wish there had been more information about what ever organization he had been a part of for them to have gone to the lengths they did to cover up what they are doing. I really wanted more information.

I can’t wait to see where the rest of this series goes, I hope to hear about Linc’s brother next and get more history on his family and where he comes from. There’s so much to find out, I really want more. This is a great read, just the right length if you are looking for a good poolside book this is your next read!

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