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Roadie (Rock-Hard Beautiful Book 2) Review

Roadie (Rock-Hard Beautiful Book 2)

Written by: C.M. Stunich
Published by: Sarian Royal
Published on: May 8, 2017
Price: Kindle $3.99

Synopsis: WARNING: This book features one stronghearted young woman and her five rockstar lovers. All six of them are struggling to overcome their dark pasts while falling more deeply in love. P.S. Nobody said she had to pick just one. Turn the page only if you enjoy true love, raw grief, genuine human connection, rock ‘n’ roll, and books with unfiltered, unashamed sex. –Amazon

Roadie continues the story of Lilith and her lovers from the band Beauty in Lies. This story continues that same night that everything went down for Lilith, when she had truly lost everything in her life and she was very much alone. This story was about learning about each of her guys and becoming closer to them, falling in love with each of them. Lilith is perfect for each one of these guys because just like them she is a little broken. With all their broken pieces they fit together to make the perfect piece.

I love each guy, every time I think I like one more than another they all do something to change that. I have to think that is how Lilith felt in the beginning. Michael though seems to edge out a little more because when he goes in, he’s all in and everyone else better be as well or he’s going to kick their ass. I love how protective he is. They all are protective in their own way, showing each personality. Though Paxton is a brat, I know he has a lot going on but man he acts like a big booger at times. I will say that There’s more of Ransom and Paxton working out their issues in this story and it was awesome.  Muse and Cope also shed some light on their backgrounds and you can really see how well their band name fits this group.

Also I just can’t leave out how hot all the smexy scenes were. Man, I love how Lilith gives each guy the attention they need and knows when they need her. But these guys also know exactly what she needs as well. Man those scenes were amazing. They just give you ideas, of course, if your adventurous to try them of course that is. I loved how there was a good flow of story mixed with these scenes.

Overall I really can’t wait for the third book in the series and thankfully I won’t have to wait too long. Moxie comes out May 23rd and you can bet your butt have that one on pre- order. I really wanted to wait to read Roadie because I knew I was just going to blow through it and then have to wait. I couldn’t help myself, this series is now one of my top favorites and while I’m excited for book three I am also dreading it as well.

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