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Airlines Manager: Tycoon Taxis Into North America

Playrion announced that Airlines Manager: Tycoon, the latest iteration of their popular Airlines Manager business sim line, will launch in North America next month for iOS and Android. Featuring an addictive balance of serious simulation with entertaining gameplay, the games are receiving high praise from over 1.3 million players, and a version has even been used as training in business schools. Airlines Manager: Tycoon is expected to launch in late June at the International Paris Air Show.
“We are seeing about 100,000 new players pick up the game each month, as word of mouth about how much fun they are to play and how realistically our proprietary algorithms simulate the business of running an airline. We are working closely with the aerospace industry to make it possible,” says Benjamin Cohen, CEO of Playrion. “It’s a great honor to partner with the Paris Air Show for the first time at the world’s most prestigious aviation event.”
Airlines Manager: Tycoon puts players in the CEO seat at a fledgling airline where they must take care of marketing, research and development, finances and growth. Starting with just $300,000,000, players purchase aircraft, schedule flights, manage services, and attract passengers. Using powerful reports and analysis tools, they can determine how to maximize profits and fuel expansion via over 7 million destinations worldwide.
Airlines Manager: Tycoon is an official sponsor of the International Paris Air Show 2017, the largest and longest-running aerospace tradeshow in the world. The game will officially launch at the show, which runs from Sunday, June 18 through Sunday, June 25.
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About Playrion
Founded in 2007 by Benjamin Cohen, PLAYRION is a Simulation Games studio and publishing specialist. Totaling more than a million downloads since the start of the franchise, Airlines Manager offers players the ultimate cross-platform Airlines Management Sim experience on both PC (browser) and Smartphones (iOS and Android). Playrion is committed to offering the highest simulation standards powered by outstanding proprietary algorithms, and instant fun to newcomers thanks to its interface and game mode designed for an on-the-go mobile use. Following Airlines Manager and Airlines Manager 2, Airlines Manager: Tycoon is the latest iteration of the series. For additional information about the company and its products, please visit

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