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Tradition Be Damned (Last Hope Book 1) Review

Tradition Be Damned (Last Hope Book 1)

Written by: Rebecca Royce
Published by: After Glows Publishing
Published on: May 26, 2017
Price: Kindle $3.03

Wow, this book just blew me away. I really didn’t know what to expect when I read the synopsis and to be honest I kind of pushed this book to the side for a day or two. I really shouldn’t have done that. This is a Reverse Harem which is always a major plus for me. (I’ve really been on a RH kick lately) I think what really threw me off at first is that it talks about the end of days, yeah I’m not a fan of those end of days books, but this really wasn’t that type of book and I’m glad.

I like how this story wasn’t what it seemed. Anne was such an awesome character. She was caring and had such a big heart, really different from most of the other Sisters. She cared for her guards and all the other people. I love how she gives her all to those she loves and those she’s never met. There was so much for Anne to learn and find out and I really liked how this was done. She goes through hell to understand what her purpose is really.

I loved her Guards; Bryant, Mason, Garret, Kieran and Milo. Each one loves her so much even though it’s against the rules. These men would die for her and I love how protective they are. They all grow throughout the book and go through many trials to save their love.

This was such an awesome read and I loved the ending. I really want more from this series and am looking forward to the next book about Teagan and her Beloveds. I really want to know more about her story and how it went down. This is definitely on my list of need to have books!

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