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10 DC Female Characters I Would Like to See Get Their Own Film

A few weeks ago, there was a post here on gXp where I talked about the 10 Marvel heroines that I would like to see receive their own solo film, as Captain Marvel will receive in 2019 starring Brie Larson in the titular role. Well, after the success of the Wonder Woman film starring Gal Gadot this past weekend, I have gone back and sort of revised my list of 10 DC heroines that I would like to see get their own solo film. DC finally got a film right as has restored some of my faith in their Cinematic Universe, so I wanted to add some of my favorite DC super heroines to the list and up it from its original 5 entrants up to 10. Because, previously, I was unsure at DC’s ability to put out a decent super hero film, I was even more worried at their ability to create a super hero film centered around a female character – even as one as iconic as Wonder Woman.

But seeing what DC, and in particular Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, showed that in the right hands (i.e. anyone but Zack Snyder), they are capable of producing great films. Wonder Woman proved this, as did its star Gal Gadot. If the films on this list are put into the right, capable hands, I am sure these can be as exciting, entertaining, and fun-filled as Wonder Woman was. Some of these on the list have already been rumored or confirmed (or both), but until any of these films enter full pre-production, anything can happen so I am treating them as if they haven’t been announced for the sake of covering all my bases.


There is no other woman in the DC Universe, aside from Wonder Woman, that has such an amazing back story as the character of Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl. From her beginnings as Batgirl to her tragic accident at the hands of The Joker to her rebirth as Oracle and, now, back again as Batgirl, her story is full of triumph and tragedy, but every step in her journey has gone on to make her an incredible character, each adventure in her life, good or bad, has added layers and layers to an already interesting character. But for a film based on the character, going back to basics would make for a great film to both introduce the casual movie fan to the character and provide enough action and depth of character for the demanding comic book movie fan.


As one of the newest additions to the Bat-family, Kate Kane, aka Batwoman, has struck quite a chord with fans. And while I may not be her most ardent fan, I do believe that if the character were made the focus of her own solo film it would make for quite an enjoyable one. Aside from being part of the Bat-family and having a rich history to draw from, her own story is a very interesting one to draw from. After being kidnapped and watching her mother and twin sister killed beside her at the age of 12, she was raised by her father, a military colonel, and later attends a prestigious US Military Academy until she is forced to drop out because of her being a lesbian. Coming home, and after meeting Batman during a mugging, she becomes fixated on him and what he stands for, becoming the heroine Batwoman.

Black Canary

Forget Black Canary being the partner and lover of Green Arrow, Oliver Queen; the woman known as Dinah Lance is an amazing super hero in her own right. Aside from being an accomplished martial artist, she has an amazingly powerful sonic scream, her “Canary Cry”, which she can use to disable her opponents. She also has one of the best tactical minds in the DC Universe and has even served as both the field leader for the Birds of Prey group of heroes, but also as the leader of the Justice League. With heroes such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman under her command and respecting her abilities and position as a leader, as well as all she has accomplished as a solo hero, a film based on her adventures with the Twelve Brothers in Silk or against the female femme fatale, Lady Shiva.


Oh man, if just to wash away that horrid memory of that 2004 piece of crap film, we need a new Catwoman film, following the life of Selena Kyle as the master cat burglar and sometime hero. Don’t treat the fans as idiots and rehash her origin story, however – give us some credit that we already know a bit about her past and chronicle some of her adventures as an already established character. Maybe take a cue from the first story arc from her solo series in the 1990s or even something new and unique to her that fans would gravitate to. A heist gone bad or an angle where she has to become the hero to stop something even worst from happening after a job of hers leads to it. Whatever it may be, fans would come to the theaters to see a compelling Catwoman feature film.

Harley Quinn

Do I really have to go into detail as to why we need a Harley Quinn solo film? I know there is talks about one already thanks to the popularity boost the character received after being featured in the Suicide Squad film, but nothing has yet been set in stone. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t far along in the pipeline. Still, the point of the matter is that we fans need a Harley Quinn film. And thanks to Suicide Squad, we already have a basis for a solo film: have her realize that being with the Joker is wrong for her after her rescue from Belle Reve and set out on her own. Because as much as I love the character, I really don’t like her portrayal as loyal to the Joker and his abusive ways. I believe she is a stronger character away from him and a more relatable and sympathetic character because of her experiences with him. Have the film focus on her epiphany and that could be a very compelling film.


Before I start here, if they do make a Hawkgirl film, could they rename it Hawk Woman? I think she is a well-established character and capable hero, far beyond that of being just a girl. She is a woman in her own right as should be treated as such. That being said, I would like to see a Hawkgirl film that mixes the origins of both the Shiera Sanders Hall and the Kendra Sanders character and how rebirth and reincarnation are important to the character mythos with the younger Kendra trying to deal with the experiences and memories of Hall mixing with her own. This could be an interesting dynamic for the film but also needs to be handled with some kind care, so you would definitely need the right director and female star to lead this film. But I think it is doable and would make for an interesting film


I know, I know… another Bat-Family character! What can I say, I think that the Bat-Family of characters are some of the most well-defined and established characters in the DCU. That being said, I would like to see the Helena Bertinelli character featured in the film as opposed to the Helena Wayne character because I always thought that the daughter of a slain Gotham City mob boss who turns vigilante to avenge and wipe out the mob in Gotham. Eventually siding with Batman, though sometimes opposing him or his way of doing things, the origin and early years of the Huntress character could make for an interesting anti-hero/crime drama in the DC film universe while still keeping in line with the heroic themes of the shared universe. Watching her evolve from a vengeful daughter to a true hero would be an interesting story for her own film.


One of my favorite characters introduced in the late 1990s/early 2000s, Courtney Whitmore is an interesting hero. She originally appears as the Star-Spangled Kid after finding her step-father’s gear hidden in their home and dons the identity to frustrate and annoy him. In turn, he develops the battle armor S.T.R.I.P.E. to watch over and protect her and they work as the duo Stars and STRIPE. Later, she receives the cosmic staff from the original Star Man and she assumes the role of Stargirl while still at a relatively young age. But because of her experiences she is seen as a capable hero and respected by her peers. A film focusing on her origin and development into a hero in her own rights would be a nice teen/coming-of-age film that could draw in younger and older audiences to theaters.


As big a fan as I am of the Supergirl character, it should be no wonder that she is on this list. As the older cousin of Superman, Kal-El, Kara Zor-El arrived on Earth years after her cousin and appeared as younger due to her time lost in space. She quickly established herself as a hero and has been a respected member of the Justice League on several occasions. Like the previous Supergirl film made in 1984, the story should focus on her origin and arrival on Earth, but I would like to see themes added in from the Batman/Superman arc “The Supergirl from Krypton” mixed in to modernize the character and focus on how she is perceived by Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman and focus on her super hero training from there.


Magic. It’s a tricky subject in films, even when it makes sense and its rules are set out early on. It’s even trickier to pull off in a super hero film. But magic is something that is missing in the DC film universe and the introduction of Zatanna would be a great way to bring it into it. And because of her associations with other characters, you could bring in others like Constantine and Phantom Stranger to make appearances in the film. But focusing on Zatanna and her role as a major player in DC’s magical worlds and play off her origin as the daughter of the hero and magician Zatara, as much as I hate to do so, it could be the DC equivalent of Marvel’s Doctor Strange film. But tweak it to suit the needs and presentation of the DC films and you would have a compelling and entertaining film for fans to enjoy.

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