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Hellion Teases Its First Major Content Update with A Gameplay Video

Independent developer Zero Gravity announced that their first-person space survival multiplayer title Hellion is getting its biggest update yet on June 22nd. The update 0.2 will include many new features and content that have been requested by the Hellion community since the Steam Early Access launch earlier this year, including a first comprehensive tutorial, female character option, new weapons and more.

“We have addressed the issues raised by the players and critics and are proud to announce the upcoming Hellion update 0.2,” said Marko Smiljanic, Creative Director at Zero Gravity. “Along with improved navigation, enhanced flight systems and overall optimization, the new update will bring additional content such as a loot distribution system dividing the solar system into civilian, industrial and military zones as well as an elaborate security system including authorization, a locking and unlocking system and defense turrets.”

For Hellion Update 0.2, Zero Gravity team is working on game optimization and stability, enhanced survival gameplay mechanics and better navigation and flight systems. The updated build will include a lot of new items and inventory changes, more weapons, doomed outposts as world events and improved ship and station customization. The new content should add multiple hours of gameplay for existing and new players alike.

Watch Hellion gameplay trailer showcasing main Update 0.2 features:
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About Hellion

A solar system thousands of lightyears from Earth, Hellion is the destination of the first interstellar colonization mission of the 23rd century. A million colonists, suspended in cryogenic hibernation, wake up a century later and find themselves trapped in a nightmare. Instead of grand habitats and planets waiting to receive new settlers, there is only evidence of devastation and conflict everywhere with ruins, debris fields and empty stations. With no trace of UN officials, corporate representatives, engineers, scientists or law enforcement troops, and a rescue operation over half a century away, colonists turn to scavenging, stealing and outright violence. Others try to live in a more civilized way and begin uncovering the truth behind the largest disaster in human history.

About Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is an independent game development studio founded in 2015. Our team consists of gaming industry professionals and skilled enthusiasts dedicated to creating an exceptional gaming experience. Hellion, the PC first-person multiplayer space survival game is the team’s debut release. Visit us online at

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