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An Open Letter from geekXpop Owner/EIC to Readers

Richard “aRCee” Cardenas

Hello everyone. You may have noticed that over the past month things have been pretty quiet here at geekXpop. I and my team are still very dedicated to bringing you our thoughts and reviews on all things geek and pop culture, but I’ve have had a few issues to deal with that sidelined me for a few weeks. For that, I apologize. I am not afraid to admit that they have been personal issues that I was not quite ready to share, but I will in the near future because I think that what I have gone through may be relevant or relatable to some of you out there. And if me talking about what I went through will help someone else out there, then I am not afraid to share my life with you.

That being said, there are other things in the world out there that I have kind of sidestepped talking about here on geekXpop because I didn’t quite think that they had a place here. But issues have arisen that I believe impact our community as a whole and I believe that I can no longer go on not talking about them here on this site. Plus, and I don’t mean to hammer it home this way, but if geekXpop is my platform then I will use it to express my opinions in new editorials that will start popping up on the site.

When I was an editor for other sites I used to write for, I made it a point not to censor what my writers had to say – at least to a certain degree. I would remind them to limit the swearing and adult language in their articles but otherwise they had free reign to write what they wanted to write about. I will now be using that same approach with myself. I was afraid of harming or hurting the brand of the other sites if I wrote something a bit inflammatory or controversial, but as the owner of geekXpop I don’t mind if my site reflects on me personally. I take full ownership of what my writers post here just as I will of my own words henceforth.

What I opine will be mine alone and not reflective of the thoughts and opinions of others who utilize this site, like Tiarra or Dezi – my opinions are just a reflection of me and may not be shared by them or others. But since I do have this soapbox, I will use it to stand on. Some of you may agree with my opinions, some of you will not, but I am tired of censoring myself when I see what is going on in the world and I want to share how I feel because I think discussion is the best way to resolve what is going on.

I never wanted to be political on geekXpop, at least not to a large degree, but for the sake of my wife and children, my family, and my friends in the world that I love and care about, I cannot stay silent any more. So, I won’t say “I’m sorry” if what I say here offends you – I have never been about that. I will tell you the truth, or at least my truth, even if you may not want to hear it. I’ve always been that kind of person. And I guess that will translate now to my written words for you to read.

Agree or not, hopefully they will open your mind to further discussion, if not with me than with others, but we need to talk about the world around us if we want to change anything and make this world a better place for our future. I want to make this world a better place for my children; they deserve a better world than the one we have made for them, and I hope that it starts in some way with what we say from here on out.

Thank you, and I hope to hear from you all soon.

Richard Cardenas, geekXpop Owner & Editor in Chief

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