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Somewhere to Belong (White Dove Book 1) Review

Somewhere to Belong (White Dove Book 1)

 Written by: Maya William
Published by: Covey Publishing, LLC
Published on: August 18, 2017
Price: Kindle $3.99

Synopsis: When one fateful accident ruins Samantha’s dreams of dancing in Barcelona, she finds herself kicked out of the only home she’s known for the last twelve years and sent back to live with her family. But her return comes with a devastating shock when she’s faced with hatred from her siblings and the discovery they’ve kept more than one secret from her. Now, surrounded by a house of strangers, Samantha must learn to stand up for herself or risk being shipped off to another boarding school even farther away. With her dreams of a career in ballet on the line, Samantha is forced to fight the odds and dig out a place for herself among her new housemates and the secret world they live in.- Amazon

 Somewhere to Belong first off was a great read. This first instalment made sure to set up the story nicely. We are first introduced to Samantha. Poor girl’s kind of had it rough being kicked out of her boarding school because of a bitchy classmate. Through this she is sent home to be with her family and find another school to attend. When she makes it home she finds that nothing is as it was.

Her siblings really don’t want her around and she’s introduced to more new people who now call her house home. She really doesn’t know what to do and is at a total loss on how to live. She’s never been allowed to make her own decisions and now decides she going to step up and say what she want.

Her sibling Zach and Abigail seem to have a lot on their plate. While Zach wants to keep family close Abigail seem stand offish and just mean. The rest of the crew in the house seem nice and I really like the personalities that pop from them Archie is playful and funny, Lyra hasn’t made a big impact yet, while Barb and Kellan are a couple. Samuel though is really nice and quiet and actual lives with his mother and brother. I really like him.

I really enjoyed this book and was caught up in it from the start from the beginning. Samantha is a sweet soul who really needs to find her wings. She’s an amazing ballerina and I really like the connection she creates with everyone around her. I’m super curious to see where this story goes and to see if anything comes from Samuel and Samantha. There’s something there, at least I hope there is!

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