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Anaya’s Pride: A Reverse Harem Fantasy (Beasts of Ironhaven Book 1) Review

Anaya’s Pride: A Reverse Harem Fantasy (Beasts of Ironhaven Book 1)

Written by: Chloe Cole
Published by: Self Published
Published on: July 29, 2017
Price: Kindle $3.99 / Kindle Unlimited

Synopsis: Tutoring lionesses in the ways of seduction for the King’s Royal Harem is a time-honored tradition. And, as luck would have it, the Saint John brothers love their work. But when they’re called on to teach young, captivating Anaya Eldrich the pleasures of the flesh, they can’t get enough. As their bonds strengthen and whispers of a dark secret run rampant through the palace, will the Saint John brothers turn her over to their king, or will her tutors become her guardians, laying down their very lives to protect her? – Amazon

RH has surely become my new favorite Genre. At first it was hard to find new releases, but this summer there has been some amazing releases and Anaya’s Pride is one of these. It’s a great start for this series and I was hooked when I read the synopsis. It had a different kind of story and It caught my attention. I’ve decided to do a new type of rating for my y book reviews so I’ll be talking about the books cover, characters, the story and the ending. I’m not a fan of spoilers so no worries on that. So, with that let’s Go!

I really loved the cover for this book. It was very vibrant and eye catching without being too much. I love the dress, I would kill to own something so beautiful as it. The cover really doesn’t give you any hint as to what the story will be about and that’s interesting. It’s one to catch your attention so you read the synopsis and hopefully from there pull you in.

Anaya was an interesting heroine, she really didn’t see anything in herself that was special but obviously there was something to grab the attention of the king as well as the Saint John brothers. I liked how she was innocent in many ways but also had a little sass in her. Now on to the Saint John brothers, Gatlin is the first Anya meets and he sets the tone really for her. He’s seems to be in charge of how things will run with Anya’s training and gives her a small run down of how things will go. He strict but also seems to have a little feeling for Anaya from the start. Conner seems to be a flirt and joker and Lucien seemed serious. Michael was the tender giant. All four brothers’ personalities blended well and I like how different they were yet the flowed well.

The story was very interesting in the fact that Anya had to learn what life would be like in the Kings Harem and to learn things from her tutors. You could tell that she clicked with the brothers right away and how their feeling seemed to grow for one another. It was little things here and there that you could tell it was growing. The story flowed well and I really couldn’t put it down. Now that ending was pretty good and I definetly can’t wait to read book two, which is available now.

I really can’t wait to continue the story and see what happens next. The story and characters were fun and entertaining and had you rooting for Anya and the Saint John brothers the whole story long.


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