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Ragnarok: Idle Poring Officially Launches Worldwide

Korean games company GRAVITY has announced today that its idle game, Ragnarök: Idle Poring, has officially launched and is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Ragnarök: Idle Poring is an officially licensed mobile game based on the world and characters from the highly successful PC online game Ragnarök Online. Released in 2003, Ragnarök Online is one of Korea’s most popular MMORPGs with a community of over 40 million players.

Check out Ragnarök: Idle Poring gameplay in this new trailer:

Maximizing the Mobile Experience

Ragnarök: Idle Poring not only preserves Ragnarök Online’s original music, graphic style, jobs, and clothing attire, but adds new features including “Pets Exploration” and “Arena”. Search and acquire pet companions to become powerful battlefield allies and enhance the journey, or face off in fierce PvP combat against other online opponents.

Ragnarök: Idle Poring was designed to deliver the ultimate Ragnarök mobile experience. Active decision-making is only required at select important moments during the game, freeing up the player’s time to bond with fellow gamers, make new friends, and share gameplay strategies and thoughts.

About Ragnarök: Idle Poring

Ragnarök: Idle Poring is an official GRAVITY-licensed mobile idle game based on the Ragnarök Online universe. After 1,000 years of a fragile and forged peace between God, Normans, and Demons, the lessons of the past have been forgotten and strange occurrences have befallen Rune Midgard. Peaceful creatures have become aggressive, violent earthquakes tear at whole continents, and great hail storms have driven some species to the brink of extinction. But as the world begins to fray, stories emerge of a legendary peace-protecting artifact called the Ymir. Join the adventure to recover the Ymir and restore peace to Rune Midgard!

For more information and updates about the game, please visit the official Ragnarök: Idle Poring Facebook page @RO.idle.poring.en.


GRAVITY is a Korean games publisher and developer founded in April 2000. The company is most widely recognized for its highly successful PC online game, Ragnarök Online, which laid the foundation for its international business and expansion into the mobile games market. For more information about GRAVITY, please visit

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