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Final Fantasy IX is Now Available on PS4

Earlier today, during Sony‘s PlayStation Tokyo Games Show press conference, it was announced that Final Fantasy IX would be making its way to the PlayStation 4.

As of this morning, the game is available to buy and download from the PlayStation Store in Japan, Europe, and North America. This version is “enhanced,” and includes HD cutscenes, trophies, and “boosters” that can help players level and master skills faster. It also comes with a PS4 theme and player icons.

Final Fantasy IX (FFIX) was originally released for the PlayStation (the OG PS1, that is) in July of 2000. Because it was released four months after the PlayStation 2 became available, it was an often overlooked and underrated title. Despite this, it continues to be a fan favorite, and it’s quite exciting to see the game make it to PS4. An updated version of the game was released in April of 2016 on Steam, and the game is also available to play on iOS and Android, but it’s nice to have the game return to its “roots,” so to speak, and make a return to a PlayStation console.

Check out the announcement trailer from the press conference below.

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