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Another Reason Why I Hate Japanese Trains

You know, I am a fan of the Japanese culture… not so much that I would be a full on “weebo” (I love tacos and burritos and Dia de los Muertos way too much to turn my back on cultural heritage), but I am a big enough fan that I enjoyed my time spent in Japan and would like to go back to visit again with my kids. But then I see videos like the one below and I just have to wonder, “What the fuck is going on?”

Did that old man seriously pluck some of his pubic hair and drizzle it on the woman next to him on the train? I mean, oh man – I know there are some weird people in this world: weird, sick, degenerate people living among us; but this is a special, disgusting kind of weird that has no explanation.

I really hope that the police in Japan are investigating this man because this is just horrendous. For those wondering why women are so afraid for their safety in public, it is a video like this, showing what perverts in the world are doing to women, that justifies those feelings, those fears. Here is a random man on the train, older and seemingly innocent, that goes on and does what he does to this woman and completely violates her.

He may not be outright raping or molesting her, but what he is doing to her is a violation of her being on a personal level. Even if he wasn’t discarding his pubic hair on hair (again, yuck!), the fact that he would use her akin to a refuse bin is completely ignoring her worth as a human: he is seeing her as less than so. But the fact that he is discarding his plucked pubic hair on her shows that he sees her as not only less than human, but also as something that he can do whatever he wants to with.

This is not a judgement on all Japanese people, especially its men, as this can assuredly happen in any other country around the world, but the fact that it happened in Japan, with its penchant for perverts on trains as it were (just look up the term “chikan” to see what I mean), it is just doubly disturbing.

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