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Why All the Hate Towards the Furry Community?

I got a question for you guys out there: what do you all think of the “furry” community out there? You know, those people who dress up in these elaborate anthropomorphized animal costumes resembling cats, dogs, wolves, foxes, ponies and such. What is your opinion of them? What is your opinion of those in the furry community who engage in a sexual fetish that involves them and their costumes? Does it bother you? Are you indifferent to it? Are you of the opinion of “to each their own”? I’m just wondering because back on September 8th of this year, Councilman Scott Chamberlain of New Milford, Connecticut was forced to resign from his position after a Facebook user “exposed” his double life as a furry in a series of post leading to New Milford Mayor, David Gronbach, to call for his resignation publicly in an email response to the New York Post.

Granted, there are several items on Mr. Chamberlain’s post, where he is known as the moniker “Gray Muzzle”, that led many to wonder about his ability to lead and serve as a public representative, and that should not be ignored – no, his “tolerance” of rape is something that should be horrifying to anyone with any semblance of a brain; but I want to take advantage of this story’s subject matter to kind of probe you reading this as to your feelings about the furry community. But if you want to read more about Mr. Chamberlain and what led to his resigning from his position, you can click on this link.

I am curious to find out if you out there are tolerant of those in the furry community or would you not deal with them. Personally, I am a fan of the costumes that these people can create and their bravery to wear them at conventions and shows knowing that there are some out there who despise them because of the devious actions of a few of its members. But looking at those costumes, just on the basis of the creativity alone… those are amazing creations. The level of skill it takes to create these costumes, the visual representation of the various colors that these costumes feature – they’re really quite commendable. I love seeing people in furry costumes at conventions because I like seeing these costumes in person and ask the people wearing them about them. That being said, I don’t quite understand the sexual fetish that some of the furry community engage in. But hey, to each their own. As long as they’re not hurting anyone, what does it matter what people do behind closed doors.

So, why is it that there are so many out there that are completely sickened and dismissive of the furry community in the greater nerd/geek community? Is it that people don’t like people not in the nerd/geek community likening those in the furry community to the great community? Are these people just prudish and unaccepting of this kind of behavior and those who engage in those activities? What is it about the furry community that turns people off to it? Even if people against furries are willing to concede that the costumes are great creative works of art, they quickly dismiss it all as a deviant form of cosplay. I don’t know… I don’t get it. I don’t understand the hate that is thrown at this community. So, if someone, anyone could explain this to me, I would greatly appreciate it. Because why a full subset of the nerd/geek community is subject to this level of intolerance because of the actions of a few just astounds me. Especially when you consider what we, as a community, had to endure for years for the mainstream pop culture community to finally accept.

So, if you would kindly explain this to me, I would be forever in your debt.

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