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Ero-Cosplay as Works of Art

About ten years ago, when I was writing for, I wrote an article with the permission of the managing editor, Chastity Irizarry, about the merits of cosplay being considered works of art. She gave me the freedom to write a very long and engaging article about why I felt cosplay creations, no matter how amateurish or professional the costume may have been, should be considered works of art by the individual designing and wearing the piece. And why shouldn’t they be? These are very intricate, very detailed creations that the designer/wearer worked hard on creating. Even if they were straight copied designs from the original artwork that inspired the costume, but especially of those designers that added a bit of flair to the original designs and created something unique and inspired. Cosplay, at any level, should be considered a work of art. But what about ero-cosplay? Would you consider ero-cosplay an equal form of art or simply another piece of erotica with roots within the cosplay community?

Personally, I am a huge fan of ero-cosplay – both on female and male cosplayers. To be honest, I am a fan of the human body and all its intricacies, perfections, and flaws. I would consider the human body to be the greatest canvas and work of art humans have ever been given. So, I am already a fan of the art of the body – but then to put these erotic designs as covers to the canvas; yes, I would consider ero-cosplay to be on equal footing as traditional cosplay as works of art. Just because someone wants to dress down while dressing up, to show off their bodies as well as their creation, doesn’t take away from the amount of detailed work in creating that particular cosplay piece. Even if it is something as simple as cosplaying in a bikini or lingerie set, that takes nothing away from the creation.

The act of cosplaying in itself is art. To wear the piece of art on the canvas of the body is the simple beauty of cosplay. From humble beginners to seasoned cosplay pros, and, yes, even those who indulge in the art or ero-cosplay – should all be commended for their work. Even if you do not agree with what they are doing, even if you don’t admire their appeal to the base level desires of their cosplay fans, even if they didn’t design the costume themselves but are merely wearing the costume; these cosplayers still deserve your respect for the work they are doing. I’ve always said if you are willing to cosplay you are already one-step ahead of the average fan who wouldn’t dare play dress up… and while I don’t think that ero-cosplayers are any braver than the average cosplayer, they are willing to show a little more skin, be a little more risqué, go just that little bit further, to get their cosplay creations noticed.

All cosplay should be considered art. All of it. A cosplay creation deserves the respect and recognition of being a work of art and worn on a beautiful canvas as unique as the human body. You may not agree with or like what an ero-cosplayer is doing or stand for, but that can be said for all kinds of art in the art world – one piece is not for everyone, but every piece certainly has its share of fans.

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