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New Bunny Girl Lingerie Crowd Funding Project

Well, here’s something new out of Japan that I know a few friends here in the US would be interested in: Bunny Girl lingerie. There is a Campfire crowd-funding effort right now to raise funds to begin production of a bunny girl inspired lingerie outfit for consumers to purchase. Checking out the project it seems that, if funded, each set of bunny girl lingerie will cost the consumer around ¥8,950 (or around $80 US). Also, this project is being handled by Mocolle, the same people behind other fashionable creations as the miko swimsuit, the cat keyhole lingerie, and the notorious virgin-killing sweater. Check out images of the bunny girl lingerie set below, as modeled by famed cosplayer Senki3a:

If you are interested in supporting or purchasing your own set of bunny girl lingerie from Mocolle, head on over to Campfire to check out the project.

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