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Return of Once Upon a Time; Season 7, Ep. 1 Review

Friday October 6th was the return of, what was once my favorite TV Series, Once Upon A Time. It’s really taken me a while to think on how I wanted to review this first episode because of a couple of factors. I know I said OAUT was once my favorite and I still love the series but I’m about a season and a half behind and could never really catch up. While I do know what happens through the series I just really didn’t have the time to watch and keep up with it the way I used to. Also, it was taking me some time for me to really decide on how I felt about this reset of the series.

Watching this first episode of Season 7 was interesting because to understand it you really didn’t have to follow the other Seasons to understand what was going on. Yes, everyone who probably watched it has probably been there since Season 1 but it was nice not really having to know what happened in the previous season, but for the occasional watcher who knew the basics of what has happened it was nice to see that I was okay to watch this new start.

The episode itself, like I said, was nice in the fact that I could follow it but with the reset I felt like they had a lot to get through in this episode and at times seemed to drag. The flashbacks while helpful to building the new storyline sometimes felt like they didn’t flow like they had in the seasons before. They would flashback randomly and it seems like they were incomplete in certain parts. The story build up was kind of cool because while we met the new characters we also got to see some familiar faces that now we have to figure out how then ended up in this new storyline.


Now on to the characters we know and love, Regina/Evil Queen was introduced but her name is Roni and she’s a sassy bar owner, though I have a feeling we’ll see Regina soon. Killian/Hook has returned as well but now goes by the name Rogers and is a Police Officer and I think we’ll be getting more from him soon as well. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin made an appearance also, and while they all had new identities there was some hints that point to something more happening. That was kind of fun to see because it has you wondering what happened to pull them to this new story.

So I’m really torn as to if I like this start or I just don’t like it. I’m going to really give it a few more episode before giving judgement but so far it has my interest. Hopefully it can keep going since being moved to a new night and pretty much given a new start. Only time will tell.

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