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3D Fantasy MMORPG Immortal Thrones Now Available for Download on iOS and Android

Immortal Thrones, a new 3D fantasy MMORPG for mobile devices, has officially launched in North America and Europe on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Developed and published by Zloong, the game is set in a richly detailed medieval fantasy world and integrates real-time state and world war mechanisms.

About Immortal Thrones

Keeping in line with its fantasy theme, Immortal Thrones offers four classes for players to choose from: Fencer, Knight, Mage, and Archer. Using their selected characters, players battle for glory, gold, and the coveted thrones.

Since its soft release one month ago, Immortal Thrones has received many positive responses from players, who appreciate the game’s beautiful graphics and its divergence from the traditional pay-to-win game structure.

A merged live-streaming and Location-based Service (LBS) system enables players to find other competitors and engage with them in real time, which makes the game more interactive than the standard MMORPG.

Check out the official Immortal Thrones trailer below:

Battle Systems

In Immortal Thrones, the battle never truly ends. Players have two options: State War or Global Field. In State War, heroes are summoned to serve their specific state and fight for honor.

Global Field is a territorial campaign mode battle system that is unlocked when players reach Level 30. All Kings of states may issue a declaration of war to target other territories and further expand their kingdoms. Players must learn to leverage military strategy to declare wars and find and forge alliances. The global fight also provides tempting rewards as each player on the winning side of a battle gains prestige and ownership of the city.

The glory is endless, and so is the combat. Immortal Thrones constantly challenges players and provides more new enemies to fight with its cross-server battle systems.

Visit the official Immortal Thrones website and Facebook page @ImmortalThrones for more information about the game

About Zloong

Founded in 1997, Zloong is one China’s earliest and top performing game development studios. For the past 20 years, Zloong has devoted itself to developing and providing the best game experiences. The popular titles Forsaken World (the client-based game and mobile title) and Perfect World were developed by the studio. In 2014, Zloong expanded its business into global publishing and successfully brought many top games, such as Emperor of Chaos, to international players. Zloong has also partnered with other companies to independently publish games like the SEA version of Immortal Thrones, under the name Rise of Gods, with Ujoy. It’s Zloong’s mission to bring the best games to players across the globe.


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