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Big Dog Ink is on Their Own Again and They’re Bringing Penny Back

In 2010, Big Dog Ink published its first title which sold out immediately. Penny for Your Soul was a hit, and it launched a small company that was comprised of comic book fans writing and drawing the stories they wanted to tell.

Now, seven years later, and having split from Aspen Comics, Big Dog Ink is returning to its roots and bringing the ALL NEW Penny for Your Soul Volume 4 to life.

This is a return to what worked for Tom Hutchison and his team of artists, colorists and the creative people behind the logo. But this is also a return to YOU. Their fans. Their supporters. Their friends. They’ve met so many of you over the years and have connected through all the various titles Tom has written, they now return to you to help bring those stories back. It’s been a strange and wonderful three years, and while they wish Aspen nothing but success, and thank them for their time, energy and efforts, it’s time BDI got back to what it does best… making fun, creative comics for the people who supported us from the beginning.

Below you will find samples of the covers for this weekend’s Kickstarter campaign launch.

Please help them spread the word and they thank you all for your continued support!

Jason Metcalf and Ceci De La Cruz featuring Lucifer and Mary Magdalene
Bill McKay Joins Big Dog Ink for the first time with Danica
First time BDI cover artist Asher Benson hits the Garden of Hedonism Club
Ryan Kincaid hits the Babylon Hotel Bar in the first of a series of connecting covers with colorist Whitney Cook
JB Neto returns as the series artist along with new colorist Whitney Cook and letterer HDE

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