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Player vs Player Battle-Arena Brawler Blast Out Announces Whispers Of The Jungle Update

Indie development team Tarhead Studio today announced that Blast Out, its visually impressive PvP battle arena brawler has added its second and largest content drop to the game for players to utilize.

A new jungle arena called Overgrown Passage is introduced in this update, complete with portals that can transport players from one side of the map to the other allowing for some devious tactics. Players will need to keep their wits about them as they will need to evade the deadly poisonous vines that will invade the jungle arena during the fight.

Ornithur the Owl is the latest character to be added and offers a supportive role in the melee action in form of shield heals and crowd control. The character launches with 9 gear pieces and 2 traits.

The latest content update also provides other fixes and performance tweaks, for a full rundown of the latest content and improvements please see the announcements section on Steam here:

For more information on Blast Out visit:

Twitter: @BlastOutgame
Blast Out on Steam:

About Tarhead Studios

Tarhead Studio is an independent developer studio situated in Skövde, Sweden. The studio is focused on creating challenging multiplayer games with both cooperative and competitive elements. The company is also a member of Sweden Game Arena.

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