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Asymmetrical Local Fighting Party Game soon launches on VR

Independent developer, Evocat Games, recently announced that Nemesis Realms, sequel to the award-winning Nemesis Perspective, is coming to Steam Early Access on January 22nd. Featuring asymmetrical local fighting action, Nemesis Realms is a highly interactive and competitive party game that lets up to four heroes team up against one big, badass boss playing in VR on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality for the ultimate clash of strength and strategy.

“We’re excited to bring this game to Early Access. It really is an incredibly fun party game where friends get to team up to destroy the mighty boss – who in turn gets to experience the onslaught in VR!” said Sami Koivisto, CEO of Evocat Games. “As an added bonus, we will be offering Nemesis Perspective as free-to-play when Nemesis Realms launches so that everyone can easily jump in and enjoy the truly unique style of this VR game.”

Nemesis Realms is a local fighting party game played with up to 5 people, one of which takes on the role of a huge boss monster in VR while the other gamers play as smaller hero characters on regular controllers, working together to take down the boss. Launching in Early AccessNemesis Realms features two very distinct stages available at launch, each with a unique hero-boss pairing, different gameplay mechanics and new environments. Ganging up to take down a boss has never been so fun!

Two stages will be available at Early Access launch, the first of which features a fantasy mountaintop with a lake and waterfalls. Using straightforward VR mechanics, the boss must punch and smack the heroes, while the nimble 3D heroes hack and slash at the boss using ranged attacks and agile, real time combat tactics.

The second stage is located inside an old, dark cathedral, wherein the VR player takes control of a three-headed dragon, each with unique attributes, which the player can use to destroy the environment and perform close combat attacks. The heroes in this stage move with combination of 2D platformer mechanics and action combat, dashing and diving to avoid the deadly heads while performing close and ranged attacks to bring down the beast.

About Evocat Games

Founded in 2017, Evocat Games is a Finnish indie startup studio pioneering in asymmetric VR multiplayer games. After their prize-winning debut title, Nemesis Perspective, the team continues to explore the local fighting genre in VR world with Nemesis Realms, slated to launch on Steam in Spring 2018.

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