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Dakimakuras! Now with Breasts Implants!!!

You know, just when I think that things couldn’t get any weirder when it came to the Japanese fans and the limits to which they take their fandom, I see a story like this and wonder just what the hell is going on over there. The sheer shock and absurdity that this story covers, quite honestly, has me pretty baffled. I mean, I already don’t get the appeal of the character body pillows known as “dakimakura”, but now there is a company that is not only selling these dakimakuras but the breasts implants for the characters as well so that the pillows aren’t as flat as, well, a pillow.

The retailer store for Animaru is now selling the dakimakura pillow sheets in the sizes of 150cm and 160cm, as well as three fitted breasts implant sizes of small breasts (8cm x 11cm), medium breasts (10cm x, and large breasts (12cm x 15cm). These new customizable dakimakuras are available in nine different character types, each with two images (a moderate image for the front and a more risqué image for the back) and will range in price from ¥13,000 ($118.00 US) to ¥14,040 ($127.50 US), excluding tax, and are on sale from now until Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018, as they are considered limited edition collectibles.

Check out the other eight images of these dakimakuras below:

I get the appeal of sleeping with a body pillow – I sleep with one myself – I just don’t get the appeal of sleeping with a body pillow with the image of a sexy anime girl on it, much less one with customizable breasts implants to make the dakimakura more “realistic” to the owner. I’ve joked around with my wife that I would like to buy one of these dakimakuras, but if I haven’t done so in the fourteen years we’ve been together I sure as hell am not buying one now – especially one that comes with breasts implants.

But, if this kind of collectible is something you would want for yourself, follow this link to the Animaru online storefront to get your own; just be sure to order yours before they stop selling them on Valentine’s Day.

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