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Cosplay Spotlight: Toniji-Arts

Name: Toni
AKA: Toniji-Arts
Home: United States


It’s interesting. No matter how connected I think I am to the cosplay community there are always new cosplayers coming onto the scene that I come across and I am instantly wowed and amazed with their sheer talent for the art. Case in point: as I was going through deviantArt recently I came across this new image (which you can see here to the right) of a cosplayer known as Toniji-Arts on dA who was cosplaying as Ahri from the gaming series League of Legends – and I was absolutely taken aback by how amazing her cosplay creation was and how she seemed to encapsulate the character in her picture. So, I got curious as to what other cosplays she may have done and decided to explore her gallery.

I quickly found myself smitten with her cosplays and the way she brings those characters to life with her photo sets that I found myself following her and instantly becoming a fan of her work. She is a talented cosplayer, able to bring her creations to life, not just with the accurate costumes she puts together, but the way that in almost every picture she is in her costumes she manages to bring that character to life, make that character seem like a living, breathing person – not just a character being portrayed by a cosplayer, but a person that may have actually existed.

I have been a part of the cosplay scene for nearly thirty years, as an active cosplayer and as a fan, and I have seen some amazing cosplayers in that time – cosplayers that I consider myself huge fans of (and sometimes friends if I am lucky enough to meet them), and Toniji-Arts is a cosplayer that I would consider to be one of the most talented that I have come across; not just in recent years, but in all my years as a fan of the art form.

So, after contacting her about her cosplays, I wanted (and received) permission to feature some of her works here on gXp, to share what I found so alluring and captivating about her costumes. And hopefully, if you like what you see from her cosplay creations here, you become a fan of her yourselves and follow her works as I find myself now doing.

Kiss-Shot Acelora-Orion Heart-Under-Blade – Kizumonogatari

Emilia – Re:Zero

Katarina Red Card Skin – League of Legends

Hatsune Miku – Vocaloid

Janna Fnatic Skin – League of Legends

Sona – League of Legends

Ahri Popstar Skin – League of Legends

Ahri Star Guardian Skin – League of Legends

Ahri – League of Legends

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