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Don’t Rush Me (Nora Jacobs Book One) Review

Don’t Rush Me (Nora Jacobs Book One)

Written by: Jackie May
Published by: Bluefields
Published on: January 25, 2018

Price: Kindle $2.99 / Kindle Unlimited/ Paperback $8.99

Synopsis: Most humans have no idea that a dark and deadly underworld, filled with magic and monsters, exists. They wander through life blissfully ignorant of the supernatural world around them. Nora Jacobs is different. Nora knows exactly what kinds of hellish creatures haunt the streets of Detroit. Thanks to a unique set of psychic abilities, Nora has managed to steer clear of the underworld most of her life. But all that changes the night the most powerful vampire in the city discovers her gifts and decides to use her as a tool to find one of his missing clan members. As if that’s not bad enough, Nora believes she’s cursed. All her life, people, especially men, have been drawn to her—some to the point of obsession and violence. Underworlders, it seems, are not immune to this curse, and now she’s caught the attention of some of the most dangerous monsters in the city. Neck deep in an investigation only she can solve, Nora quickly makes as many new allies as she does enemies. Her biggest problem is staying alive long enough to decide which is which. –Amazon

Don’t Rush Me is a slow burn Reverse Harem. It really is, and I’m kind of glad it was. This story was filled with a great storyline and there was so much information in it that I flew right through it, finishing it in a couple of hours. The description of the world and the creatures that were in it was really great and I was just pulled into this world.

Nora is a human with more than human gifts and she knows about the Underworld because of these gifts. She’s a pretty kickass MC who knew how to take care of herself but always has some sort of trouble following her. I really feel for her because of how lonely her life is. Being an orphan and having no other family or friends she has a lonely existence thanks in part to her gifts.

Everything changes in one night and she goes to being alone to having sort of friends and a small family. Since this is a slow burn RH I really don’t know who her guys will be really though I have a feeling Parker, Nick and Oliver will be apart of her guys. They are all great in their own ways with very different personalities and I can see them meshing really well. Another character we are introduced to is Henry and I can tell you I am not a big fan of his because of that stunt he pulled in the beginning with Nora so if he’s apart of the RH he has a lot and I mean A LOT of butt kissing to get back into Nora’s good graces.

One thing I really want to know is what is Nora. Is she human, or is she an Underworlder? We know she’s more than human and that she’s pretty powerful but no clue as of yet what it is in her. I really can’t wait for book 2 to find out more info on her and see who she starts taking a fancy to! I also have to say that I love Terrance, he was one of those big cuddly bear types even though he’s a Troll. He had to be one of my favorite characters besides Nora.

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