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Charming Fate/Grand Order Frankenstein Maid Cosplay

To say that I am addicted to the to the mobile gaming app, Fate/Grand Order is a bit of an understatement. I have been playing FGO continuously for months, at one point even logging in for more than 150 days before finally taking a break because of a vacation I took back in January. But I have thoroughly enjoyed playing this game, not just because it is a fun game, but because I genuinely like the characters that are featured in the game. Characters like Shielder Mash Kyrielight, Saber Altria Pendragon, Archer Emiya, Rider Medusa, and others that are prominently featured as playable in the game. One of the newest characters introduced in the game has been the Berserker character of Frankenstein, or Fran for short.

Unlike the monstrous character that is usually portrayed through most media and forms of entertainment, this version of Frankenstein happened to be a very beautiful young woman who was created in the same way that the traditional Frankenstein’s monster had been – she just happened to retain her beauty despite the experiment conducted on her. This factor of her character, coupled with the overall power of her Noble Phantasm, make her one of my favorite characters in the game – despite me not having her card in my deck. (Thankfully I get to still use her as one of my online friends has her as a playable support character.)

So, you could just imagine how excited I was when I came across this FGO Frankenstein cosplay set over at by the featured cosplayer. I mean, looking at her outfit, which is Frankenstein’s Maid costume variant, you can see the amount of detail the cosplayer put into recreating the costume here. The detail is amazing and the cosplayer does her best to bring out Fran’s personality from the game, and subsequent Fate anime series, that she has been featured in. Check out the images of this cosplay below and check out to see what other cosplays this cosplayer’s has featured there.

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