7 Minute Martians Premieres New Single, Stutter, With Pure Grain Audio

Cincinnati-based pop-punks, 7 Minute Martians, have teamed up with Pure Grain Audio to premiere their second single “Stutter” off of their forthcoming album, Curious. The new track is available to listen to here:

“It’s a romantic number I wrote about an old girlfriend who had a mild stutter that I found completely endearing. I was going through an incredibly tough time in my life and yet couldn’t stop thinking about her. I thought, ‘Even with all this shit going on, she’s still on my mind. What is it about her that I just can’t seem to let go?’ So, I decided to write a song about it,” shares vocalist, Wil Viars.

The track comes off of Curious, 7 Minute Martians’ debut album, due out this spring – an album that encapsulates the grieving heart, the lovelorn heart, and the heart longing for truth that finds comfort in a kindred soul.

At just 14-years-old, 7 Minute Martians’ founding members Wil Viars and Ted Ball had discovered an unbreakable brotherly bond over guitars and pop-punk bands such as blink-182 and Sum 41. Now, after a 15-year-long roller coaster, they are gearing up to release their debut album that has been in the works for 7 of those years. In 2016, when getting ready to record, they connected with talented old friends Jordan Loper and Nick Neumeister, who completed their puzzle, and set 7 Minute Martians into space.

Curious is set to be released on March 15, 2018. For more information, please visit:

7 Minute Martians is Wil Viars (Guitar, Vocals), Ted Ball (Guitar, Vocals), Jordan Loper (Bass, Vocals) and Nick Neumeister (Drums).

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